Earthbound sequel Mother 4 is in development...but from an unlikely source

The creator’s of Nintendo’s cult classic Earthbound love to tease their fans. After millions of fans yearned for a sequel to the sequel, the game finally received another entry (called Mother 3) ten years Japan only. However, the fourth title in the series is coming sooner than you think, courtesy of a small group of inspired fans.

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bastiartadi2858d ago

Where's their donation page? They certainly deserve some for making countless gamer's dreams come true!

domo3252858d ago

Sweet! Never played a Mother title before, so this would be an awesome opportunity for me.

poison_shadow2857d ago

I've never played any of these games, but I've always been curious ever since I saw Ness in SSB Melee and found out his backstory. I need to try them sometime.