PSU: NHL 08 Hands On

There are still some issues with NHL 08. There are some clipping issues that make some impossible moves possible, the presentation isn't perfect, and the AI seems to be able to come back in nearly every game. Another issue is the 30 frames per second in addition to these clipping issues on the PlayStation 3. The 360 version of this game runs at 60 frames per second, but luckily, this frame rate issue doesn't affect the gameplay like it did in Madden. You can definitely expect the exact same game as on the 360, if not, with slightly better character models.

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Blitzed3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

"You can’t perform any “hell mary’s” here."
HELL Mary's!? Did my wife review this?! There were a few of them but that one was the best.

I know he said he didn't know much about hockey but then you probably shouldn't be reviewing it. Its obvious he doesn't know much about any sports. I guess its nice that he liked it and the frame rate seems to be locked (Although 1up said that the PS3 NHL 08 was running at 60fps, who knows) but how can you really put any weight in a sports game review of a sport the reviewer isn't familiar with.
That was pretty funny though.

Bebedora3953d ago

When he said he was no fan of hockey, the review got very bleak in my eyes. So 1up said 60fps? Sounds legit when 1up says some great about a PS3 multiport game. :)

M4RK19883953d ago

I'm sure the 2K Sports version will be better, again.
EA just churn out too many games, most of which aren't very good.
Too much effort goes into graphics and not enough into physics, gameplay, etc.

Blitzed3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Actually, it looks like EA has done a lot with the physics etc. this year. NHL2K is confirmed to be running at 60fps though (and I believe 1080p but not sure). 1up's hands on preview of NHL08 says it runs at 60 but there are so many statements running around that its only 30fps (backed up by Madden 08), who knows. Its definitely going to be a hard decision on which one to get.

"After we spied NHL 08 a few months back, we wanted to know if it felt as good as it looked, having been inspired by the jump to 60 FPS. Now that we've had our hands all over it, we haven't been disappointed."