Black Ops "Surprize Attack" Multiplayer Promo Video

The newest promotion for Gamestop's "Surprize Attack" sweepstakes features an interesting clip also showcasing a new multiplayer map.

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Errod882678d ago

that map reminds of Sub Base from MW2

MRHARDON2678d ago

Why does it matter anyways? this is N4G! We have tons of duplicates on the front page!

-Alpha2678d ago

It's interesting that this was apparently made only in theater mode. It's going to be real fun being able to make montages and edit your videos like that.

Alcohog2678d ago

This is the first time a trailer made me not want to buy a game.

InFAMOUS12678d ago

well it was done in theater mode like Alpha stated.. It is going to look underwhelming for the most part.