Call of Duty: Black Ops Tournament

[email protected] is preparing a Black Ops Tournament for November 17th and are now accepting sign ups!


Sorry guys all spots are now filled but rest assured that there will be more tournaments in the coming months!

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deadreckoning6662712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I wanna enter, but I won't have the game till the middle of December. Either way, I'd get smoked by experienced players lol.

dyennam2712d ago

i play video games for fun
so there is no way i am going to win a match with people who get paid to play video games!!!! :)

TheHardware2712d ago

your just gonna lose to some insanely good 10 year old who doesn't know how to curse correctly, but does a lot of it.

syanara2712d ago

there aren't actually too many of them who own the game one week after launch but then again anything is possible lol

MagicalChickenWings2712d ago

Entered for teh lulz. If they pick me I am SO going to be the first to get taken out XD

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