Twisted Metal rated for the PSP by ESRB

The latest updated from the ESRB includes a rather curious rating of Twisted Metal for the PSP.

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SuperStrokey11232856d ago

as noted in the article almost certainly a ps1 re-release

ZombieAssassin2856d ago

Most likely since TM2 is already on their, still it's great I just wish they would release it with online co-op.

TheLastGuardian2856d ago

I want them to make a PSP version and at the same time I don't. I don't want the PSP to hold back the PS3 version and If they made it for PS3 and PSP I would have to buy both versions because I'm a huge Twisted Metal fan. I would like to take the new Twisted Metal with me. If they think of some cool features that tie in the PS3 and PSP versions I am all for it.

scar202856d ago

Give me every twisted metal on the psn store day 1 buy.

KwietStorm2856d ago

Even 3 and 4? Can I have some of that money while you're throwing it away?

TheLastGuardian2856d ago

I played Twisted Metal 1,2,3,4,Small Brawl and Black when I was younger and I loved them all and still play them from time to time. Even If Twisted Metal 3 and 4 are the worst in the series they are still great games. The gameplay in TM 3 and 4 is good but I hate the end movies. Twisted Metal is one of my favorite series of all time.

IaMs122856d ago

Oh wow i thought TM 3 was the best in the series! lol, i remember countless nights of hours upon hours of playing TM with my best friend.

Ahh good times, that at PitBall, not Fall, BALL

KwietStorm2856d ago

This is honestly the first time I've heard any kind words about TM 3 and 4. I'm amazed right now. 3 wasn't unplayable, but it was still a sad excuse. 4 was just disrespectful.

TheLastGuardian2856d ago

In the article it says that it could be the original Twisted Metal releaseing on the PS store. Either way, I want classic Twisted Metal on my PSP.

KwietStorm2856d ago

The actual ESRB site has it listed for PS3, PSP. It's clearly the first game being released on the PS Store. This examiner site just pokes around on the net for any tidbit they can find, and then they post a half assed news story.