Wipeout HD Interview

1UP, along with few other journalists, had the opportunity to chat with Sony Liverpool's Tony Buckley, the director on Wipeout HD.

Q: On still working on the game's visuals.
A: "The particle system, for example, will need to be revamped. And we're still constantly making improvements to many of the tracks. It's sometimes difficult when to say enough is enough when it comes to a particular course -- there's so much more detail we've been adding."

Q: On a new Wipeout built from the ground up for PS3?
A: "Of course we're planning things, but right now the focus is on HD."

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samme3947d ago

I love wipeout because of its fast action oriented racing and i dont think fatial inertia will outdo wipeout im afraid.

vaan3947d ago

Yeah this will rock. You have to admit, PSN is pretty slim pickings on demos, but Sony are shaping up to offer tons of great full game downloads. Stardust is amazing, I'm sure Gran Tourismo will rock and this looks sweet too.
Oh, I almost forgot Pain and Socom.

Bullseye3947d ago

Wipeout is the one game so far, that i would have purchased a PS3 to play. Now it turns out it's some clone of an half assed portable game,but in HD!!! Looks like it'll be a while longer,before i buy a PS3.

apoc063947d ago

half-assed portable versions? wipeout pure is probably one of the best versions of wipeout available since wipeout 2097/XL.

im kinda disappointed to find that there are only 8 tracks in this one though. thats a bit of a letdown, but if they follow in the footsteps of wipeout pure, there should be plenty of [free] downloadable content.

Kleptic3947d ago

I don't know about this one yet...XL was the only WipeEout that was a must own imo...and this literally looks like it plays exactly the same...sort of a good and bad thing I guess...the fact that the tracks are always the same for the most part (no different terrain or anything) is something that always bothered me...but the speed of the game looks to be great...

This will be fine if Incognito makes new Jet Moto next...that would be the best...