Sega: "Vanquish can take 10 hours to complete"

Gamerzines writes: "So just how long is Vanquish's campaign?
According to Sega producer, Keith Dwyer, Vanquish can take up to 10 hours to complete with plenty of addition content to enjoy afterwards."

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Bloodlyte2897d ago

how to finish Vanquish in 10 hours

step 1 : make donuts knee sliding the first 6 hours
step 2 : play the game

ClownBelt2897d ago

hahahaha...well said my friend

ImpartialMan2897d ago

if it wasnt for meddling dvd.

Rainstorm812897d ago

the game does seem like it's possibly short but im pleasantly surprised with the gameplay overall though

tacosRcool2897d ago

And take a coffee break to eat some donuts

Leafhopper2897d ago

Ok that was pretty funny man. Although I did doughnuts most of the demo anyway :P

DigitalAnalog2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Now, I'm really inclined to believe they chose the easiest difficulty followed by not watching the cutscenes.

BTW, you gave me quite the smirk with that donut comment.

-End statement

TheMutator2897d ago


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big_silky2897d ago

i'm sure it can. most people these days rush through games as quickly as possible in order to get it back to gamestop or gamefly.

rdgneoz32897d ago

While I do agree that people rush through games fast so they can sell them back, makes me question that 10 hours to complete. And seeing as the person died 16 times over the course of the game and finished it in 3 hours and 42 min (which included the final credit stage) on normal difficulty. Though it'll probably be around 6 hours for everyone else if they take their time with it.

zatrox2897d ago

I'm a few hours in, and it's awesome.

Heard some people took 8 hours to beat it, though. Like, that could be the average, or around that.

As I said, the completion times are all over the place, so my guess is on how fast you are to complete everything.

CameronL992897d ago

People will definitely go through speed runs, others will die constantly and it will take longer, but overall I'd say this game will have huge length differences between different players. Same with Metal Gear Solid 4, If you take your time and get to know everything, experiment with stuff, watch all the cut scenes, it takes 15 hours for some people, but you can speed run it in less than 2 hours if you're good enough.

AKS2897d ago

I spent close to 20 hours exploring in MGS4 and also had a 3 h, 40 minute Big Boss Emblem "perfect" playthrough. I still haven't seen certain things in MGS4, BTW. I didn't know about some of the Easter eggs when I was playing it regularly.

I have no problem with the length of Vanquish. I'll probably play through each stage several times.

CameronL992897d ago

And really there's nothing dumber than rushing through a game to get it back to gamestop unless there's a guarantee of your full money back in credit if you return it within a week.

Beegs71862897d ago

It can take 10 hours to complete also means it can take 4 hours to complete

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