El33tonline Review: Medal of Honor (PS3)

Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"Let’s talk about the future of videogames, you and I.

Let’s speak about a time when blockbuster, triple-A titles across a single genre of game are all indistinguishable, save for their stories. Let’s ruminate on the possibility that these games will take very little risks, gameplay-wise, but deliver a fantastic film-quality narrative over six hours of entertainment. Let’s whisper quietly about a future where gamers purchase one title over the other because of that narrative and the game’s setting, rather than the promise of some great new videogame technology or gimmick.

And just for one second, let’s compare videogames and movies, and suggest that, in the future, audiences will flock to one videogame over the other (despite their similarities) simply because, in one, the special effects are better and the explosions are bigger - much like the pattern of results shown at the close of a Hollywood box-office weekend.

My friends, the future is now."

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