80° SEGA: Vanquish has the potential to fill the gap between East and West

SEGA producer Keith Dwyer explains PlatinumGames vision behind Vanquish and how the game is unlike other shooters out on the market currently in his interview with the Universal Gaming Database.

UGDB: Many are saying that Vanquish is like a Japanese Halo. Others talked about how the game is focused to fill the gap between the Eastern and Western markets, but still it has the specific Japanese art style. So, what is your truth?

Keith Dwyer I’ve heard just about every comparison you can think of (personally I found “Gears of War meets Virtual On” entertaining). Vanquish’s spot and role within the East/West framework of the game industry depends upon who you ask, I suppose. Certainly everyone involved wants the game to be commercially successful worldwide and the game has the potential to fill the gap between East and West in terms of gamer satisfaction.

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zatrox2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

There seems to be alot bad press for this title.

Perhaps it's me, or perhaps the game does has flaws. Who knows.

Also, in the interview, he states the game is around "10 hours long".

The completion times are all over the place...

Also, "The most important thing for me is that people try to play Vanquish as Vanquish and not as a generic cover shooter. I’ve seen any number of people play the game without really using Boost or AR and come away from it without having made the most of it. These systems make the game what it is, great instead of just good."

People should really listen to that.


Let's see...

"Hurr durr rental gaem"

"4 hours long lol"


Then again, it might be just me acting up like a retard. In fact, I'm sure it's just me. Ah well.



N4GAddict2977d ago

Some of the best games ever are short in length

DigitalAnalog2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

This is created by the man who REVOLUTIONIZED TPS. A genre which so far are western DOMINATED.

-End statement

ECM0NEY2977d ago

If there was a Nobel Prize for video games it should go to the man who invented rocket sliding.

This game is awesome its like a high speed Japanese Gears.

El_Colombiano2977d ago

My question exactly. This game is actually amazing. I love that it retains the Eastern video game feel yet is still a shooter. I need to support this game.

Ryo-Hazuki2977d ago

Im picking up my copy tomorrow. Fantastic gameplay and i hope they do a sequel. Its a hardcore game, its meant to be beaten multiple times trying to beat scores and do speed runs. Not to mention challenge mode. If you're trying to beat it once and put it down then its not for you. Some ppl dont understand the way eastern games are..tons of replay value

xino2977d ago

replay value!
all you do is unlock Challenge mode.

Which nearly every game does now are days.

big_silky2977d ago

i'm a strong believer in the idea that some people simply don't know how to play a game "correctly" i.e. the way the developer intended. instead they rush through it and play like retards and just say it's a crap game instead of blaming their own lack of skill.

zatrox2977d ago

But then, if they actually "casualize" the game so it'll be better, a few complaints from older "hardcore" fans arise.

It's a developer's dilemma to make a hardcore game, or an easier game. My guess is than for those people there's Casual Auto, but most of the gamers wanna feel like "something more" and won't pick said option.

Then, they end up just like how you said it.

LarsoVanguard2976d ago

"Casualizing" a game does not make it better. It makes it more accessible to more people. In the case of a game that is supposed to have tight shooting mechanics, and a sense of challenge, attempting to "casualize" at all simply serves to dilute the developer's vision of the title.

It's just like how most games used to have differing control schemes, tailored to fit the needs of the gamer playing that specific title. Now, if every shooter doesn't use the same control scheme, same moves, etc., then everyone cries foul about how inaccessible the controls are.

I say it's up to the developers, and if someone doesn't like it/can't get used to the controls, then it is time for them to move on to another game.

2977d ago
Bolts2977d ago

Finally, a Japanese shooter that isn't a piece of crap. The campaign may not be long but it's quality material.

There's hope for Eastern devs yet.