Thor Brings Realtime Quicktime To Next Gen Gaming, This Game Is Going To Be Huge

Thor: The videogame is coming soon and the gameplay depth this title has to offer looks extremely promising. This interview sheds alot of light on what's to come next summer with this title but, the fact that we are witnessing Realtime Quicktime gameplay, just goes to show that developers are once again taking things to the next level.

Check out the deep interview with the Producer of Thor, enjoy

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xino2829d ago

Hip Hop G, you need to limit the belt pass on, you seem to be giving it to everyone during interviews, making it expected all the time.

I would love that kind of DLC- Thor vs Hulk.

princejb1342828d ago

interview was very interesting
but if sega is making it
than its a good idea gone bad

freezola752829d ago

The belt is a gesture and way of saying "Hey you're doing a championship job with this game you guys are developing, you gotta spin the belt on that"

Anyway HHG this Thor game has sort of peaked my interest... gonna keep an eye on this one.

egm_hiphopgamer2829d ago

i can't wait until they show the public the footage, oh man this game is huge and when you guys see the realtime , quicktime footage that's it easy buy right there man the game is sick

maadsheikh2829d ago

Hasn't this already been done with shadow of the colossus?
I mean you choose where to move, climb and find weak points to attack, the baddies are huge and its not pre-scripted?

Hated Greatness2829d ago

I am a huge Thor fan. I hope this game is a good as they are making it seem.

Baka-akaB2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Seriously the hyperboles are a tad much ...
It's a movie tie-in game (from sega besides), wich make them by default unlikely to be any good . At most we have seen ok games like wolverine .

Not to mention that you always find everything amazing , including a few duds from the past , so excuse my skepticism here .

Unless the game was worked upon for more than the usual 8-12 months of movie cash in crap , and a longer project like Batman AA and the latest Spiderman (both without pressure from any movie release and tie btw) , meh ... At best i expect something only pretty looking .

The_Nameless_One2829d ago

I am gonna be a bit more realistic and say that this game will suck.

jaosobno2829d ago

Yeah, superhero games usually do. Only exception I can think of is Batman AA.

Sidology2829d ago

I'm not holding out a lot of hope for this title, since it's all "hurrdurr, tie it in with a movie," but I'll be damned if it doesn't at least *look* fun.

I want this to be good. I *really, really* want this to be good.

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