PSP Sales Still Lead In Japan

The PSP continues to lead the sales in Japan this week, maybe because the huge lineup of games are releasing in just a few month. Those include: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Shining Hearts, The 3rd Birthday, God Eater Burst, God of War: Ghost of Sparta and more…

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MultiConsoleGamer2805d ago

I love the PSP and I'm glad to see it doing well. However, this article deliberately misrepresents the facts. DSi/DSiLL are all one device/brand. Their combined sales exceed PSP hardware sales by a fair margin. Skewing the data to say that PSP is "leading" is the same as lying to people.

MultiConsoleGamer2805d ago

You're a mindless fanboy if you think I hate the PSP.

Bigpappy2805d ago

Ignore this article. It is only about sales.

NatureOfLogic2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

you are misrepresenting the facts,why combine two "Devices" that are sold
individually? That's like Combining PS3 sales with the PS2 Sales or PSP and PSP go.

Thabo2805d ago

That was a pretty retarded example. Does the DSi play the same games as the DSill? Yes so they are essentially one platform, different sku. Does the ps3 play ps2 games(obvious jab)? No, so this is obviously not the same thing.
This is actually akin to counting ps3 phat and ps3 slim sales separately.

tunaks12805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

" That's like Combining PS3 sales with the PS2 Sales'
so ... much ... fail...

do we separate the sales of fat and slim ps3s?

westy5522805d ago

On that logic then psp go should be included in psp sales, and yes I know psp go sales are terrible.

Thabo2805d ago

So it is a different platform. . .sort of. All dsi games can be played on dsill

rareairtone2805d ago

Is not news. However, this is very important at the Sony camp. They are in the business.

However, the dsi and dsi ll are still outselling the psp and psp go.

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N4GAddict2805d ago

Hard to tell where the PSP would be without Japan

gtsentry2805d ago

dont no wat id do without my psp

Handhelds_FTW2805d ago

To see this article, out right destroy the next one to it called "PSP has run its course: time to let it die", atop the article headliners in the PSP section.

Bathyj2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I still cant help but think if Sony had better integration between PSP and PS3 then Japan could literally explode with PS3 sales.

They need to think of more reasons to have both and to connect them.

remanutd552805d ago

PSN friends list perhaps?

Ilikegames762805d ago

GT5 is released we could see what the integration between the GT PSP and this game will be.

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The story is too old to be commented.