Game Over: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows puts you in the role of Gabriel Belmont - a man out for revenge after his wife is slain. Instead of a whip, he yields a modified crucifix called the combat cross, and while vampires and other supernatural creatures are intact, they’re presented in a more realistic manner here than the movie monster-esque incarnations in past games.

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N4GAddict2898d ago

One of my fav games this year

big_silky2898d ago

it really is good. it feels like the adventure game i've been waiting my whole life to play. the graphics, music and gothic fantasy atmosphere are perfect. it's also lengthy and challenging which is always a nice bonus.

personally i'd give it goty.

lovestospoodge2898d ago

System Requirements PlayStation 3.
well said!

Ahasverus2898d ago

One of the biggest games for sure. Shame that most people won't give it a chance :(

ForeAllEternity2898d ago

I would love to see how the story extends from this reboot. Sequal please.

colonel1792898d ago

I'm pretty sure it has been confirmed.

clearelite2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I'm giving it a chance. It will be one of the next games I buy. Not sure if I will get Uncharted2 GOTY first. Then Gran Turismo 5, LBP2 Killzone 3. There are a few others I'm sure i'm forgetting.(Socom 4, etc.) Also thinking of giving Mag a try with the move.// Personally, I love Castlevania and I'm confident that this game will live up to, if not exceed my expectations.

pr0digyZA2898d ago

One of my best games this year. Definitely a lot of effort put into the game. It's also quite hard, which I love.