Onimusha, Dino Crisis Franchises Not Dead

Onimusha and Dino Crisis were recently ranked the #6 and #7 best-selling Capcom franchises to date. Since 2006, however, fans haven't seen a major release from these two series, and there's a good reason for that.

In a recent interview with IGN, Capcom VP of Strategic Planning and Business Development Christian Svensson says the company hasn't given up on these two franchises yet, saying they're evaluating how to bring them back for modern day gamers.

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jc485732681d ago

where's my red headed heroine?

Winter47th2681d ago

Reading the title I was ecstatic, until I remembered the god awful state Capcom is in this gen, releasing half-finished products and DLCing the crap out of them, staying FAR from the core material taking away the soul of the game, replacing an iconic video games figure with a hipster-emo-smoking lunatic.

Onimusha & Dino Crisis are probably better off dead.

yoshiroaka2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

The fact that they say they are thinking HOW to bring these games back for the "modern day audience" already shows they are going in the wrong direction.

We will be getting sequels in name only.
DMC reboot anyone?

@Winter47th reading your comment reminds me of a funny simpsons quote
"dont cry for me, im already dead"

rockleex2680d ago

F*ck you Capcom if you do that!

Just bring it back the way it was, but even BETTER.

Do what Naughty Dog did from Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2.

Jaces2681d ago

Onimusha, YES PLEASE! Though Dino Crisis died when they decided to put Dinosaurs in freakin' SPACE! Like really?!

Let's see how they come back from that, although I have a sneaking feeling they'll be releasing an remastered HD Dino Crisis/Onimusha, that seems to be the trend everybody's following lately.

squallheart2681d ago

I sadly agree with you. I would love another dino crisis loved the first two but capcom has been screwing up lately like they have with the resident evil series. I rather the series stay dead. I dont want to see a dino crisis with guns blazing with no horror aspect (re series)

Coolmanrico2681d ago

I wouldn't worry about the series pulling a RE, because it already made the transition with 1 and 2. Dino crisis was Survival Horror, but Dino Crisis 2 was more action orientated.

DatNJDom812681d ago

its gonna be multiplat and its GONNA FUCKING SUCK! Winter47th is right. Don't touch Onimusha and Dino Crisis. They are great games. Well excepts for Dinozzz in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

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N4GAddict2681d ago

Please don't outsource them

DatNJDom812681d ago

Please dont "westernize" them

PirateThom2681d ago

I disagree, Dino Crisis was dead when 3 was released and wasn't actually a Dino Crisis game.

GoldPS32681d ago

Agreed. Dino Crisis 3 went to Xbox and that was it's down fall.


Of all the games I have ever played in my long... LONG 26 years on this earth... no game was as well roundedly fun and addicting as the Onimusha series... it was funny scary and emotional as well... onimusha 2 was probly the best in the series... you could fight with allies that you befriended by giving them gifts based on their personalities... nit wa ninja gaiden mixed with god of war and mass effect as well as a little japanese history. great boss fights, awesosme story, scary and beautiful enviroment, fun puzzles, and all around great game.

Blaster_Master2681d ago

its up there, but I wouldn't say top five, more like top 20 games. Its actually a good thing, too many ps2 games that were freakin good. I really wanna get another ps2 cause there are more great games on it than all the games this gen put together.

-Ikon-2681d ago

i liked 3 the best. that game is only topped by god of war 2. for an action game

Bloodlyte2681d ago

Bring him back!!! and not the weird Japanese Elvis.

BlackTar1872681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Was so BA. I loved those games. I liked them all but i hated the one were the guy was kinda lame looking.

Anyways all great games used to love leveling in those games.

EDIT: Hated the character that was lame looking i also hated the fat lady boss with her annoying voice. Drove me nuts

GoldPS32681d ago

Agreed. Samanosuke was the face of Onimusha.

bustamove2681d ago

I loved Samanosuke. I remembered the first Onimusha game. The music was so damn epic. Onimusha 3 had epic music too, including Michelle's theme.

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