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Destructoid: "Vanquish is a game that intends to speed up the typically methodical cover-based shooter and, fundamentally, it has done this. Armed with his ability to glide along the ground with a ludicrously fast rockstar-style knee slide and assaulted by enemies who act more like Ikaruga-style SHMUP enemies than the beefy blasters of Gears of War, Platinum has most definitely succeeded in making a cover shooter with energy. At least ... aesthetically."

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big_silky2804d ago

written by jim sterling, don't waste your time.

N4GAddict2804d ago

I was expecting him as the reviewer with the low score.

MachinaMaw2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Raised an eyebrow when I saw the score...then I realized when I saw the name.

lastdual2804d ago

But seriously, I wonder if anyone here will actually refute his points. After actually reading the review, some of them, like his complaints about the recycled bosses, seem pretty valid.

zatrox2804d ago

Playing the game at this moment.

Most of the oh-so-called "recycled" bosses are in fact, bosses that became normal enemies.

I.E., you say "Wow, this dude was pretty though.." and at the next level you have to kill 3 of them at the same time.

lastdual2804d ago

Good point, and to be honest it never bothered me when Bayonetta did the same thing, although Bayonetta was about 3 times as long (and still had many unique bosses) so it was easier to look past. In a game that's under 6 hours, I'd want as many unique combat situations as possible.

badz1492804d ago

from a site that gave deadly premonition 10/10! nuff said!

MidnytRain2804d ago

What some people forget that these games are reviewed by different people. Just because they write for the same site doesn't mean they have to share the same opinion. There may be another reviewer at Destructoid who thinks Jim's crazy. That's why some sites have "Second Opinion" pieces.

rockleex2804d ago

In case you did not notice the name Jim Sterling on every single ridiculous Destructoid review.

Also, there's no point to counter argue his points when his arguments are based on trolling concepts.

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Cold 20002804d ago

Please guys dont give him a hit!

xino2804d ago

the farking link is broken anyway

PrimordialSoupBase2804d ago

I really hate that one of the few reviewers who knows how to use the complete 1 to 10 scale is a total moron. If his scores were rationalised and substantiated in a professional manner, I'd personally take no issue with this. Unfortunately, his piss poor writing and nonsensical thought process is reflective of a manchild desperate for attention and nothing more.

despair2804d ago

thanks for the warning big_silky but once I see the score there's no way I would give them a hit by opening the obvious hit seeking article.

Downtown boogey2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

It's seems valid, though...

"There's a distinct lack of content in Vanquish. In fact, if you've played and been impressed by the game's demo, as I certainly was, then you've already seen what the game has to offer. There are a few extra weapons, but they're all discovered within the first 10% of the game and you'll soon learn that the assault rifle's the only useful gun anyway. There are no new moves to unlock, no cool weapons found later in the game, and the only upgrades available are increased ammo counts. There's simply nothing compelling the player forward. It certainly isn't the story, which is asinine and attempts to be political while Sam Gideon does his best Solid Snake impersonation. Even the final boss is just a repeat of a boss fought at the end of the game's first act. Except now there's TWO of them, wooooah!"

zatrox2804d ago

Seems like Jim is crying because the game kicked his ass, and the review's a full rant about "How the mechanics suck because I don't know how to use them properly and in wich occasions", "The game is full of one-hit kills", etc.

Tikicobra2804d ago

I knew immediately that it was him when I saw the score.

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JonnyBigBoss2804d ago

I give Jim Sterling a 5/10.

Downtown boogey2804d ago

"At the very least, the game is very pretty to look at. The various visual effects and explosions, not to mention the fact that individual bullets have been animated and are visible in slow-motion, all deserve praise. The bright colors make a welcome break from the dreary browns of most cover shooters, and the enemy design is especially cool. The aesthetic portions of Vanquish are very impressive indeed, so if all you care about are graphics, this is your game."

zatrox2804d ago

Did he EVEN play the Demo?

It has the best number of ammo BUT THE WORSE DAMAGE OF THEM ALL.

AKS2804d ago

I can take even HHG's reviews more seriously than Sterling's.

FwanK2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I read jim sterling and i walked away

MidnytRain2804d ago

...from your computer? What was the purpose of that? I'm pretty sure you came right back to type your comment. lol

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