MonkeyPaw brings rare co-op shooter Shienryu and puzzler Tall Unlimited to the PS Import Store

Hokkaido-based MonkeyPaw games continues to flesh out the PlayStation Import store each week. This week’s no exception, with another killer shmup and a puzzler in the pipeline. Both of these titles have moonlit in the US before under different titles, but these versions remain the unedited and untranslated.

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john master lee2654d ago

I've been impressed with the roll out plan so far with these import games. Kudos on some great picks!

mokmoof2653d ago

Between MonkeyPaw and Carpe Fulgur, the import market is having itself a bit of a Renaissance! :D

chickenbutt2651d ago

Awesome! :D
Shienryu is gonna be great!

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