At least three DLCs already planned for COD: BlackOps

GF - Judging by a leaked image it seems that at least three DLCs have already been planned for the Treyarch’s upcoming FPS, COD: BlackOps, due November 9, 2010 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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SanMarco2894d ago

yea there better be dlc planned..Bring on the Zommys!

MGRogue20172894d ago


Keep the new zombie maps coming!

bakasora2894d ago

At least three money-making-opportunity already planned for COD: BlackOps

rdgneoz32894d ago

And they're all on the disc too

acky12894d ago

This is ridiculous, what has the gaming industry and gamers come to?

STiRacer2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

What kind of bullshit is this? What the hell has become of videogame industry in the "online/internet era"? Now you have to buy "DLC" to unlock content on a disc that you already purchased.

tacosRcool2894d ago

Overprice like MW2 DLC it will be!

badz1492894d ago

I bet $100 they are already DONE! just waiting for release. knowing Kotick, he will want Treyatch working on the next project the next day BO was released!

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Fishy Fingers2894d ago

Anyone know the score with MOD support? I've looked but cant really get a clear yes or no.

thebudgetgamer2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

there will be mod support for pc

Fishy Fingers2894d ago

Nice, thank you!

Hopefully they're generous on the MOD tools they share, sounds, from that article, they're still undecided.

-Alpha2894d ago

Dedicated servers too for PC, in case you were wondering

SSKILLZ2894d ago

....But not your wallet. :P

AntoineDcoolette2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Actually, dairy products promote the growth of mucus which is a breeding ground for a large variety of bacteria that cause many kinds of ailments. Want a good source of calcium? Eat your brocoli and dark leafy vegetables.

frostypants2894d ago

You do realize that your body is full of bacteria that are actually HELPFUL as well, right?

Where, pray tell, did you get that info btw?

limewax2894d ago

If you have them planned, put them on the disk before you ship it

Fishy Fingers2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Eh, how exactly does that work. The game will now be gold, they'll begin work on the DLC, the last of which maybe over a year from now. Should they delay the game until then?

Planned does not mean completed does it.

limewax2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Obviously I dont mean the later ones lol, but you know there is going to be a map pack right around the corner that could have asily been on disk, Most FPS do that sort of thing these days

IaMs122894d ago

Thank you finally somebody sees the difference between planned and releasing with. Sigh if a company is going to release DLC say a week, perhaps 2 weeks within a game is released it should have been on the disc hell within a month.

There should be more then enough content on the disc when it ships to last you a long time. The goal of DLC is too add on to it, not finish it. Just some devs just dont quite understand that do they?

jdktech20102894d ago

No, they understand it but they also understand the power of money and that's what drives this practice.

If the game is good, I have no problem supporting it (like I will with Halo Reach's noble map pack).

It's kinda shady but if it's good content and moderately priced (one can dream), it's not crossing that line

HSx92894d ago

the problem is, the DLC is already in the disk, they just locked it to sell it as DLC and milk out more money.

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AutoCad2894d ago

dunno what all the fuzz about this game is about.
its basically a shittier mw2.

jdktech20102894d ago

not to be rude here but have you actually looked at the game.

They've taken out every stupid perk that broke MW2 and balanced the killstreaks (it looks like it...RCXD could be the only one that's iffy but I think it's gonna be fine)

So let's do math

MW2 - Problems that plagued MW2 = Black Ops = Should be a good game akin to MW1

The key to not coming off as a troll is backing up your statements instead of making a blanket statement like "its basically a ***** mw2". Explain why it's a worse game and then I might give you some credibility

PotatoClock2894d ago

So your saying its basically a MW1?
I don't see how going backwards in the direction that this series took with MW2 is progress. I think I'll be happy holding onto my money and just play MW1 instead.

jdktech20102894d ago

No I'm saying it's balanced like MW1 was.....last I checked, MW1 didn't have 11 killstreaks (or whatever it is), camera spikes, etc.

That being said, I would rather go back to MW1 style than live through another MW2 debacle again. That game is so unbalanced and cheap it's ridiculous.

I shouldn't hear a noob tube explode either by me or across the map from me every 3 seconds...that's not balanced

I'm saying it wouldn't kill the franchise to go back to its roots so to say in the fact of balancing things out and having good map design. Bring new things (sam turret, flamethrower, dive to prone, etc.) but get it back to being a COD experience and not MW2, which is just too crazy to call a COD experience).

AutoCad2894d ago

I have played the game already bro.
Trust me its really not that different.

Yes i do own a JTAG console.

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