How to Beat Demon's Souls In Under An Hour

Japanese Demon's Souls player "alternalw" puts the run into speed run with this ultra fast completion of the PlayStation 3 hit, going from start to finish in just 54 minutes and 54 seconds. This Demon's Souls prodigy chooses flight over fight for many of the game's encounters, running past or rolling through swarms of enemies, with the obvious exception of its challenging bosses.

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NewsForMe2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Definitely not something you'd want to do with any game on the first playthrough, though fun to try eventually. Good job.

GWAVE2862d ago

Mind blowing. It just shows was a diverse and entertaining this game is. This year's FROM game - 3D Dot Game Heroes - was also very very good.

DORMIN2862d ago

Damn, gaming skill on another level!

bananlol2862d ago

Well tecnically it was made by silicon studio, and published by different companies in different regions. Personally i think good is an understatement, easily my goty. Some part are hard as hell though, like getting all the swords, and i heared the difficulty was severly decreased from the japanese version, so yea glad i didnt get that one.

bostoner2862d ago

Jesus I didn't know you could just run past so many enemies. I think I was over my 16th hour when I just moved on to a different game. I got stuck on assisting people on the bosses. That was fun and rewarding. I haven't even beat the false king yet. When I saw the title of this article I doubted it was possible.

RankFTW2862d ago

I've completed Demon's Souls six times but this was just sick.

Chubear2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Japanese Demon Slayers have a serious addiction to this game like I've never seen with any of the King Fields games. They do some crazy things on this game.

This can be done fairly easily after you've played the game enough times. You can tell he likely had four Xters go through NG+++++++, deleted them and went twice over again and then started mocking around with new Xters.

This game is just so damned gooooooooood.

Over ten years of Kings Field formula being refined into an absolute stunner of a game from a gameplay perspective. Almost flawless gameplay mechanics and just grazing perfection.

mastiffchild2861d ago

@bananlol-My mate has the Asias with English subs version and if that's the same as the Japanese one I can't tell any difficulty difference-they both seem pretty tricky to me! Maybe the Japan release itself was different though, idk for certain. Took me ages to get the game as I got ripped off twice importing it and had to wait for the EU version to finally arrive but it's one of those games you just keep going bac k to again and again. A special game in many, many ways and these runs are amazing when you think about them. Not a game I thought about speed running through to be honest, not til now anyway!

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The Wood2862d ago

on your 1st playthrough.. Almost impossible. This guy knew exactly where he was going and what weapons to use and where...He's definitely taken the game apart. Im wondering how many hours he put in to get his time down to this

foker2862d ago

bro some of DS cats,.. Have put more than 600hours in the game,.. If that is not a sign of addiction and a great game I don't know what is,..

outwar60102862d ago

over 600 hrs? WOW! hats off to you I didn't have the persistence to do a second play-through. btw what lv is your character what character do you recommend for an easy uber build? thx

xino2862d ago

I don't know how this guy does it, I mean he had so much fire bombs and used Turpetine on the Bastard Sword. Which means his item must have carried over on completion over previous save.

Then again, I recommended a friend to get this game, just recently he got the game and he has 30 trophies already!
While I gave up the frustration game and ended up with 8 trophies.

I don't know how da fark he could complete the game half way whereas I struggled to level up and farming all the time.

ico922862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

You can tell this guy has played through the game enough times to know of each encounter, Demon's Souls plays alot like the classic 8 bit action adventure games , tons of trial and error

Downtown boogey2862d ago

And leveling..?
You don't exactly get that magic right away.

Weaksauce11382862d ago

His health/mana/endurance bars are actually kind of small for someone of an extreme level.

Lekumkee2861d ago

Yea, the guy playing is good. I've put 200 hrs or so in Demon's Souls and there was alot of things he did I didn't even know was possible and some of his methods on beating some of the enemies were totally new to me.

Damn it's crazy after all the time I spent playing Demons Souls I still have many things to learn. The signs of a great classic game.

FACTUAL evidence2862d ago

Eh cool i guess. But i thought the dude was going to start from the beginning with a NEW character. Cool that he did this, but not really incredible.

EvilBlackCat2862d ago

wow how challenging this game is

rezzah2862d ago

Yea Im pretty sure its not challenging at all since it is rated as one of the hardest games to beat.

cygnuszero2862d ago

^ I sure as hell hope you're referring to this gen alone, because I beat DS, and I can name many games that are harder, especially some of those old 8 bit games.

Downtown boogey2862d ago

If you run through the game the first time, well... You can't, since you need the XP to beat all the bosses. Actually, this probably isn't possible even on the second playthrough.

blahblah2862d ago

even fighting everyone without shortcut glitches can be done in little over 3 hours.

ai in ds is very simple to do speed run with avoiding fights. it follows until you get to certain distance, which is shorter with thiefs ring. and since you run much faster than enemies (except skeletons in 4-1,2) you can outrun everything.

AKS2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

That's incredible. I wouldn't even attempt it, and I loved playing Demon's Souls. Can you imagine going at this intense pace and then get worked over in the 3-2 or 1-4 boss battles, ruining your time?

Or, could you imagine getting past most of the tough battles then f***ing up by rolling off the bridge while trying to roll past BP Ostrava? LOL! That would be even worse!

LiquifiedArt2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I beat the game like 5x's. I got my platinum on it.

After the first and second times, you can really blow through the game.

Edit: Just watched video.

This dude is ridiculous. This would be an awesome game to speed run though. Maybe in a local lan competition with some buddies.

Malice-Flare2859d ago

i like that the first blue phantom in the nexus hasn't faded away. or is it because he hasn't talked to him?

i don't remember that detail...

i'd like to try this anyway, i've got time before GT5 arrives...

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Hellsvacancy2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

And miss all the fun in the game i think NOT!

The mofo musta played and completed DS MANY times b4, i myself hav platinum trophied it and pretty much know the game inside out, this isnt that hard if u know what your doin and your tooled up

Weaksauce11382862d ago

Agreed, I platinumed it in 2 regions and know the game pretty well. This guy is leagues ahead though, kudos!

Relientk772862d ago

Die a shit ton until the game just gives up on you and says im sick of all your dying and all the re-loading, you just win here is your trophy

foker2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

ahaha lol at me !!!

about 100 hours in.,.. No where near of finishing it,.. I think I am badass enough at my level,...

But when you get there,.. in front of the fog,.. lol and then turn around,.. ''I'm so not ready for this,.. and need to go and grind a bit more,.. :))''

My favorite game ever,..
Give Sparkly-twinkly me !!

Still that dude had to put a few hundred hours in for such a feat ! Impressive still,..

blahblah2862d ago

you can finish game with sl1 and fists only without any problems. the only thing that will cause you trouble is flamelurker where you get burned on every hit and you need whole lot of healing items. and maneater, but... that one causes problems with any setup or level as you often die from falling down.

if you dodge with success you won't need any badass sword. just light equipment so you can roll fast

DaBadGuy2862d ago

Jesus tapdancing Christ! The Japanese really have it together. Demon's Souls is a great game but I don't think it's a game you would want to finish quickly, you don't get to take it all in. I assume this person has completed the game many, many times and knows every nook and cranny. I'm sure if you name an area, he could tell you how many stones make up the walls of that certain area.