Gran Turismo 5 – Toscana Rally Gameplay

A quick gameplay video of Gran Turismo 5′s rally mode for you to enjoy..

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SanMarco2857d ago

Im excited again now. srry for getting mad at you gt5 for your delay.

DORMIN2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Terrible Driver is Terrible!

The lighting is downright amazing! PD are pros.

HSx92857d ago

the graphics look nice, but we are racing on dirt and sand, where is the smoke and debris from the dirt?
The tires are creating friction with the dirt so it should be throwing out dust, but I don't see any of that :S

Exquisik2857d ago

Are you telling me that you couldn't see the dirt and sand from the AI car? And if you look closely, you will notice that there are actually rocks and pebbles coming from the tires of the driven car. You don't see dust from the driven car because that will obscure the view of the car and will prevent you from being able to drive. How can you drive when you can't see the car in game?

HSx92857d ago

hey dumbass, It's called realism, and that's something PD is always looking at, them not putting dust behind the cars is really strange, and they could also make it so that only u can't see your dust, but instead everyone else can see it, so it doesn't destroy you view completely, and there is literally no dust, it's as if he was driving on pavement, at least small dust would have made it mroe realistic.

Exquisik2857d ago

Are you seriously blind? There are dusts coming from the AI car that was ahead of him.

40cal2857d ago

This is the first look trailer
Might be an earlier build of the game. IDK

40cal2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

GT5 - Mclaren F1 gets dirty - Gamestop trailer promo

Looks good to me.

Sorry for the double post, site told me the first one looked like spam.

PSFan1002857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

They are driving on pavement? Anyway, i can CLEARLY see smoke and debris from the cars. Stop trying to mislead people or if you honestly can't see it, get some glasses because it's CRYSTAL CLEAR that it's happening.

HSx92856d ago

too easy to troll srsly

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MaximusPrime2857d ago

Sorry for the minority who are disappointed with delays.

GT5 delay is fine with me. this is the first delay here in Europe.
Im not freaking out or even disappointed.

Im actually glad that they delayed it because it gives me time to play Need for Speed Hot Pursuit :P

Thabo2857d ago

You actually believe all ps3 fans are sony fanboys that never complain about anything sony does? The real world is not n4g

gunnerforlife2857d ago

aww thabo dont worry you can be angry but the other 15 million plus 1 GT fans aren't angry!

Boody-Bandit2857d ago

They get quality titles when they wait!

UnSelf2857d ago

the first time i see the sun begin to set while im playin im goin to smile and piss on myself

EvilBlackCat2857d ago ShowReplies(3)
Hanif-8762857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I don't like the fact that Polyphony Digital made the game too realistic. I was really excited for GT5 after i played Forza 3 because i could do things in forza 3 that simply wasn't possible in real life. Also, i like the fact that in forza 3 most of the cars looks like plastic in which i kinda wish the vehicle manufacturers did in real life so that the cars would go faster because of the lighter body weight. Therefore, GT5 should make their motto "The Real Driving Simulator" bigger so that i can skip past it because who wants to drive over a thousand different racing/sports cars anyways? and thank God Forza 3 can't even sport that saying because i wouldn't buy it. I bet that Forza 4 or Kinect the motto is gonna say "The Future Of Car Innovation All Plastic with Super Natural Physics" Now thats a game game that i'd wanna play...i can see that with Forza 3 that incorporated most of these features part 4 will only be better!

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SandRazor2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Can't wait for this masterpiece to relase

Fishy Fingers2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

More awesome off-screen footage with a rubbish driver... :/ I just want some decent, direct feed footage from someone driving gifted with some hand to eye coordination.

number472857d ago

And can't play GT to save their lives.

Always notice the lack of braking..
lack of common sense "oh going 120mph, well ill just turn.."

hurts to watch.

cmrbe2857d ago

Arcade racing gamers. What do you expect?.

milknosugar292857d ago

perhaps its the person driving it and the video quality, i dunno, but for all the delays, i cant say im that impressed. dont look particularly "wow" :-(

Jamaicangmr2857d ago

Made sense so because it has been delayed or this particular driver sucks you are no longer impressed with the game?

Ok here:

Much better driving,... impressed again yet? Looks particularly "WOW" again?

*Rolls eyes*

milknosugar292857d ago

thanks for the condescending reply, but its not a case of needing to be impressed again with the game, as we've all seen plenty of footage of the game that has caused us to froth at the mouth. At this stage of proceedings, after all the impressive videos, such as the one you linked, and all the glitzy trailers, it's a personal thing i know, but i dont really want my appetite for this game dulled by an inept driver and an overly rigid camera that appears to be stuck to the boot of the car, regardless of lush day to night effects.

foker2857d ago

Damn this looks incredible !!
Stop with all the cock tease !!
I am also fine with delay,.. They will just make it even more perfect,.. Just hope it hits somewhere around Christmas or sooner,.

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