Turok 2 Shelved To Make Way For Tron: Evolution "Tron: Evolution is the latest game to come out of Propaganda Games, but that wasn't how it was initially intended, as we learned when we got the chance to speak to Darren Hedges, the game's director."

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gtamike2892d ago

Online was great for Turok the knife kills were epic!

JDouglasGU2892d ago

i think most would agree it was a smart change for Propaganda

mephman2892d ago

Well, the reboot of Turok wasn't terrible, and who knows, the sequel might have actually moved the franchise on.

IaMs122892d ago

Lets hope so, either way Tron and Turok will add something new to the mix of games we have right now. A little old school style in a new school way

Quagmire2892d ago

I cant believe both Pirates of the Caribbean Armada of the Damned and Turok 2 got canned for a crap movie tie-in game.

Hate Disney now.

mephman2892d ago

Well, Tron: Evolution might actually turn out to be good.

N4GAddict2891d ago

Tron Evolution looks good actually

N4GAddict2891d ago

I hope they bring back Turok in the future

mephman2891d ago

Yea, he still has a place in the games industry.