GND Review: Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days Later

Ron Vera of Galaxy Next Door writes:
Here we are a month after the game shipped, a few patches later and the game unfortunately isn’t much different from what I experienced in the beta. I want to also start by stating that I’m not, hating this game for the sake of hating this game. I’m not jumping on the “lets hate on FFXIV bandwagon”. I want to love this game; I want to devote the time into it like I did FFXI. I really had faith in Square Enix to fill my mmo fantasy void. It was my most anticipated title since rumors of project rapture first surfaced. Maybe I had my expectations way too high but I don’t really think that’s the case. Because in many ways, FFXIV is a step back from FFXI.

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movements2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

My Lord and Savior Jesus. Square_Enix has really failed.

Now we learn FFvsXIII's going multiplatform because of the almighty dollar. Oh how I miss Square_Soft.

INehalemEXI2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

It's sad when free 2 plays outscore the game you got to pay 2 play. They better come with some major updates ASAP.

jc485732898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

lol crash and burn! It's cool guys. Man, I just laugh whenever I see these reviews. If you guys still think that the game is great after reading the reviews, then you guys really need to double check your standards for video games. I understand why a gamer would maybe play a 5/10 game, but a 3/10 is simply inexcusable for both developer and the gamer. Can you still call it an underrated title? There's a reason why the game is getting a bad score.

Abriael2898d ago

yep, 'cause a random guy on the internet saying it's a "3/10" (and a random guy on the internet that writes a "review" focusing just on what the game lacks, and doesn't even MENTION it's main features, lol) makes it a 3/10 right?

The game has a quite solid and innovative core. Innovation comes with a price, and that's a price some early adopters are willing to pay, and some aren't.
I, and many others, are, and are having fun in the meanwhile. That's all there's to it.

xenonex2898d ago

all the guys points are valid though. I feel the exact way.

My entire linkshell just decided to quit this game for now and go back to ffxi. All 18 of us... not one of us decided to stick around. But it should give you an idea of just how bad this game is.

Dnied2898d ago

SE actually just announced some of the upcoming major version updates and a msg from the director... most of the problems that people have with it are resolved in the patch notes... we'll see IF and how long it takes them to implement them...

Dno2898d ago


Doing this review now is point less because not much has changed. I can not wait to see peoples faces with the expansions and ps3 version drops. That will tell if people are hating or actually playing the game. Besides the game is free intill all the updates have been in place so please stop with FF14 hate. first run had bugs next month they are all gone.

Dread2898d ago

I respect that u defend the company, but the company was very irresponsible by releasing a game that is not ready. They released an unfinished product now they have to pay the price.

Dno2898d ago

Just the game. its good many of you never played it the problems are not that bad. i never said it needs perfect scores just leave it alone. SE admitts it has bugs and they will be fixed very soon. it sucks now to some people so leave it come back later, if not you will not be missed. (not YOU per say but you know)

jc485732898d ago

It wasn't like this with WoW. People don't care if the game will get better later on. Man, you guys really need to stop dreaming and just move on. There are far better things you can do in your spare time than to defend a game.

Dno2898d ago

i love the game and no one will stop me from playing it. FF11 was not "good" as you say at the start but I and many others spent 5 years with it loving it.
Before you tell anyone to dream why don't you dream about leaving it alone till next month when ALL (thats right every single problem) will be fixed.

No since in coming hating on it everyone knows about it. SO into there are changes go do those far better things please.

Nicolee2898d ago

I really want to love it . i could say im trying to love it lol . i will keep on playing and wait for next moth patch that SE states will fix many problems.

jc485732898d ago

Is not loving when you are forcing yourself to love it? It becomes nothing but a chore, so stop lying to yourself like many other people.

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