Critical Gamer: Dance Central at Eurogamer Expo 2010

Critical Gamer writes: When it comes to dancing, it’s not the easy outlining my abilities. The best way to describe how I look when clunkily plodding around the dance floor is like how an enchanted tree uprooting itself and walking for the first time may look, or possibly a dinosaur trying to get its leg over a lamp post. I think it is probably with this in mind why my superiors here at the lovely Critical Gamer asked me to cover Kinect groove simulator, Dance Central.

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Bigpappy2830d ago

That must suck being infront of a huge crown and be self contious of your dancing, but have to do it for your job. A real man would be able to deal with that, but I understand some people just get so stage fright that they become completely disfunctional.

I want to see how many copies of this game are actually sold. I know, not every one is into dancing, but people who like to dance can't get enough of it. Worst case scenario: you develope enough of a rythm to feel confident next time you have to shake it in public.

Jim Crikey2830d ago

Come on, where's the YouTube video of him dancing then?

DemonStration2830d ago

People don't talk about it much now, but I have a feeling that the embarrassment of dancing is going to end up being a huge repellent to this game. I hope it turns out good though, the setlist is awesome.