Gameplayer Previews Beowolf

Gameplayer takes a look at the upcoming movie-to-game adaptation of Beowolf, developed by Tihawk and published by Ubisoft. It includes an interview with the game's brand manager, Adrian Lacey.

"But how does it play? When Ubisoft talks about the game, it uses buzzwords like 'enraged,' 'legendary,' 'epic,' 'heroic,' 'virile,' 'powerful,' 'visceral,' 'morality,' and 'tortured.' The only real emotional benefit we can see is the ability to rip a guy's arm off and use it to beat their families to a pulp."

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Cat3977d ago

i caught a preview for the movie, and i think they would be better off skipping the film and working on the game. they're going to have to take an awful lot of liberties with the story to make the movie palatable for audiences; you can get away with more of that in a game. even if it was a game only loosely based on beowulf, i'd be intrigued. that it's based on the movie makes me wary.