Rumor: Dead Space 2 Demo Confirmed? (RunDLC)

This afternoon, we received a Q/A for Dead Space Ignition, which we'll post in a bit. The most exciting info, though, had nothing to do with the game. I appears that EA will release a demo for Dead Space 2, if the following holds water.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Philoctetes2834d ago

A multiplayer demo would be nice. I don't need a demo for the SP campaign.

Buff10442834d ago

Yeah I have no interest in playing a piece of the single player game that I will have to replay in January.

Nitrowolf22834d ago

I hope its both, already played the Beta so i wouldn't mind a small piece of SP,

despair2834d ago

agreed or if its MP give us another damn map, how do they expect you to play the same map over and over without getting bored even if its a beta.

Edward-Kraken2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I always find titles like these very funny. You know, "Rumor" blah blah blah then "Confirmed?" . I mean wouldnt it be better if it goes something like this:

Rumor: Dead Space 2 Demo Confirmed - without question mark, but the word 'rumor' is there.
Dead Space 2 Demo Confirmed? - with question mark, the word 'rumor' aint there.

Both examples I gave pretty much implied that the news isnt 100% sure or confirmed. Thoughts?

TheDCD2834d ago

So is it a rumor or confirmed? :D

ironfist922830d ago

Its a confirmed rumour, is what it is ;)