Netflix Application Now Available on PS3

Netflix is pleased to announce today that the much awaited application for the PS3 is now available! No need to use that annoying Blu-ray disc anymore!

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8-bit2654d ago

It is better than I imagined it to be. The new layout is great, the picture, sound, speed, the fact that you can send and receive PSN messages without pausing the stream or exiting the app is my favorite part.

jjacinto232654d ago

It is not a Move compatible yet

D4RkNIKON2654d ago

Why is it that when you state fact after fact, people disagree. What the hell has fanboyism become?

Biggest2654d ago

The speed is the best change for me. The videos load faster and page faster. I'm very satisfied with what they've done.

pangitkqb2654d ago

I like that I have now watched two Episodes of "Weeds" today WITHOUT taking out Medal of Honor and inserting the Netflix disc.

I'm also thrilled that I can no send messages and so forth without shutting down the vid I happen to be watching.

jjacinto232654d ago

you need to have separate PSN account while playing movie.........the maximum active netflix device that plays at the same time is 2 but you can have 6 active device

darthv722654d ago

I like being able to do two netflix devices at the same time. Be it 360 and ps3 or 360 and wii but I dont have two ps3's to try what you are asking. Seems possible.

Cerberus21252654d ago

First off Kudos to for not making this a look at me my console of choice can do this and yours can't.

Dmarc_Atl,yes you can log in to Netflix on to PS3 and watch with no problems,you know you can't go online with the same account on different PS3s,so thats your only roadblock.

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FACTUAL evidence2654d ago

So do i just boot up my ps3 and it's there? I'm going to check and see if it's really better than my 360's netflix.

dirthurts2654d ago

It's in there. Pretty small download actually.

joydestroy2654d ago

one thing i noticed the 360 lacked was a search function. this reason alone is why i prefer PS3 over my 360's netflix. i'm sure this will be an addition to the 360 netflix service when the dashboard update comes though.

BabyTownFrolics2654d ago

for the 360 dashboard update in a couple of weeks, thats when the netflix service will be updated on the 360.

tinybigman2654d ago

for me i saw it in the video section on the XMB and i just downloaded it.

darthv722654d ago

search is coming to the netflix update in the new dash. I have been test driving it and it makes things way more accessible. So many more movies to choose from besides the ones they recommend.

With ps3 and 360 getting nice new netflix features the only one left is the wii. I think they will have a netflix channel out soon with similar features.

darthv722654d ago

i need to correct myself. I guess nintendo has released their netflix channel as of today. I guess I will be downloading two new apps for their respected platforms. I have the 360 beta dash to compare how it performs against the ps3.

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JsonHenry2654d ago

Maybe I read it wrong, but I thought this update was going to allow for HD AND 5.1 sound playback?

So far when I browse it doesn't state which ones are presented in HD (the 360 does) and it doesn't state which ones are 5.1.

Am I missing a setting or something? Or is this just how it is and you don't know till you hit play?

phatak2654d ago

i got 5.1 and hd. it says whether its 5.1 or hd next to the title

cochise3132654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

i used this today, it's a lot better than i expected also. i'm happy i don't have to use a disc, i kept losing that damn thing anyway.

DufferO82654d ago

is this just for america or will europe get one

SSKILLZ2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Europe is Getting a service called LoveFilm , its the Netflix of Europe :)


cochise3132654d ago

it's only america and canada

B_Rian892654d ago

I'm using it now and my layout changed from this morning. This morning it was normal with the videos on the right and the categories on the left. Now the videos are on the left and a description of the vid on the right. I have to press square to view a list of categories. Anyone know how to change it back to how it was before. I dont remember changing anythin?

digitaledge2654d ago

Just in case anybody is interested, the Wii also now has a disc free Netflix channel. I know that some people use the PS3 in their main room, and the Wii in the spare room (or bedroom), so that might be useful info for them. Just go to the Wii Shop and download the channel.

digitaledge2653d ago

A phantom disagree yet again!! I'm not surprised, although I do wonder why someone would disagree with a fact?

Does the Wii NOT have disc free Netflix? If so, somebody better tell Nintendo, then.

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