GameZone - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood preview

"I am new to the Assassin’s Creed series and my short time with Brotherhood was my first time playing an AC title. That being said, I did go into the preview knowing the storyline from where AC2 left off and I knew of the characters and the overall idea of the gameplay and its mechanics. From everything I had heard and read from the past Assassin’s Creed titles, I had little to no interest in the game, but part of my job is going to these preview events whether I am excited for the game or not. I went, I played it, and I loved it."

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athmaus2862d ago

I have yet ot play any of te Assassin Creed games.... :(

barefootgamer2862d ago

I got to play a little of the multiplayer at E3. I wasn't too impressed. I could see it being fun at first, but I bet it'll quickly become boring unless there's more than just the one mode to play.