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"Japanese developers have been attempting to breach the Western market ever since the unexpected early triumph of the Xbox 360 over the PlayStation 3. Capcom and Nintendo have summoned Western developers to do their bidding (Dead Rising 2 and Metroid Prime, for example), while Square Enix outright bought Eidos, and all the large-breasted, Western-friendly treasure hunters that came along with it. Tecmo Koei doesn’t quite have the same deep pockets. Instead, they looked at one of the most popular games available this generation—in this case, Gears of War—and tried desperately to emulate it. Quantum Theory is the result, and I hate to report this but, yes, it’s just as bad as everyone thought it would be."

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GWAVE2859d ago

If you want an awesome Japanese shooter, go for Vanquish. It's incredibly action packed.

tacosRcool2859d ago

I didn't see past all the hype. I downloaded this and Vanquish demo and surprisingly I didn't find Vanquish to be entertaining at all. Quantum Theory just plays better in my opinion. I didn't see why with all the comparisons between QT and Gears (and pretty much an exact copy) didn't impress the reviewers. They loved Gears but not this clone? QT does Gears pretty well and I do like the fact that it has corny Japanese stuff in it. Vanquish is a no go for me compared to QT

ReservoirDog3162859d ago

It plays solid enough, yeah. But there isn't an ounce of fun to be had in this. It's Gears with every bit of fun drained. I could barely finish the demo.

athmaus2859d ago

Looks like another game to pass up on

rezznik2859d ago

Tbf, I thought that this game had potential. Good to know that it isn't anything more than a generic shooter.

TheSanchezDavid2859d ago

It's a shame that this title wasn't able to rise above medicrity.

Relientk772859d ago

I think the highest review I've seen for this game was like a 7/10

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