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Gran Turismo 5's Red Bull X1 Prototype Revealed (w/Specs!)

The no-holds-barred prototype developed by Polyphony Digital and Red Bull has been revealed, featuring a gas turbine engine, CVT transmission, and over 1483bhp. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

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Faztkiller  +   1373d ago
WOW thats a beast can't wait to drive it.
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1373d ago
Fucking in game ad. booo!

I'm totally serious man. I don't want to look at some ad while I'm gaming that's why I paid my $60. If you're going to do product placement then lower the cost of the game.
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killzowner  +   1373d ago
u serious? That's a good thing that F1 cars, tracks nascar etc. are so close to real life with their real world counterpart advertisements on them.
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PirateThom  +   1373d ago
Yeah, I suppose they should drop every other manufacturer and use fake cars as well since, you know, it's all advertising.
CernaML  +   1373d ago
....What the flying fuck are you talking about? You're seriously not thinking that they're advertising the Red Bull energy drink are you?
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1373d ago
? product placement ?
What's the difference between official car and a prototype?, it's both product placement, this whole game is product placement, even race tracks are owned by private companies and are considered "a product" cos they make money for their owners.

All that matters is it looks freakin sweet and plays like crazy
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Panthers  +   1373d ago
I agree! I dont want to see any real cars in the game since its advertising the cars and making me want to buy them. If I see one Viper, Corvette, or Ferrari in the game, Im returning it... /s
Heartnet  +   1373d ago
Mate i hope your joking xD have you never watched the grand prix haha :P
Pacman321  +   1373d ago
Biggest retard comment of the century.
FishCake9T4  +   1372d ago
You have heard of Red Bull Racing right?
Yeah Sebastian Loeb ,Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber are all just sales men trying to get us to buy energy drinks......
Its a conspiracy !!!!
visualb  +   1372d ago
let me explain something
the game has an ad for Redbull, because...well, REDBULL ARE ADVERTISING GT5


as in, its a mutual agreement.

it only benefits both companies...its not about getting cash from Redbull or anything =|
Keith Olbermann  +   1373d ago
cant wait to spin out in this thing a thousand times. LOL. Really though..cant wait.
prunchess  +   1373d ago
Can't wait to try this car out on Suzuka!!!!
Chuk_Chuk  +   1373d ago
That car is BEAUTIFUL.
Bathyj  +   1372d ago
1483bhp @ 15,000RPM and only 545kg.

Vacuums on the wheels to suck in to the road. Thats insane.

And F1 cars measure time to a 1000th of a second, meanwhile this thing blows the lap record away by 20 seconds. Not a small margin.

Not to mention what a sexy b*tch it is.
badz149  +   1372d ago
this is awesome
no wonder Vettel made Japan F1 GP looks so easy for himself. He droved this super car in GT5 and got like 20secs over his best time. driving a much slower F1 car must have gave him the advantage in real life!
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hennessey86  +   1372d ago
Suzuka Lap Time: 1:11.540 (compare with Vettel’s 2009 F1 lap time of 1:30.833) the real driving simulater has just become a joke if you ask me
MaximusPrime  +   1373d ago
why can't Turn 10 do something like this?


edit: you disagreed? ok can you provide me proof that Turn 10 followed Polyphony's example of Citroen GT and this awesome red bull x1?
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zootang  +   1373d ago
Turn 10 can't compete with Gran Turismo
hennessey86  +   1373d ago
they already did compete and win my friend. Its only gt5 that will finally take the crown back. I cant wait for gt5 but i aint a blind fanboy. Forza has been at the top for a while now but i think thers no doubt gt5 is a beast of a game but give forza some credit man its a great game. The review scores say it all
vsr  +   1372d ago
GT has worldwide fanbase
Any other racing games don't have that reception.
rrw  +   1373d ago
Turn 10 is impossible to catch up with PD
theonlylolking  +   1372d ago
Its possible. They are with the biggest bribing gaming company in the world.
kaveti6616  +   1373d ago
That's like asking why PD didn't make a deep custom livery editor like the one Forza 3 has.

Both series have their own strengths and weaknesses.
MaximusPrime  +   1373d ago
im sure every GT fan disagree.

I dont want custom livery editor in GT. its too childish and GT is not Need for Speed Underground or Midnight Club.

It will totally ruin the whole Gran Turismo series.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1373d ago
The Real Paintjob Simulator

GT keeps it at a more pro level, while Forza does more of the car-show thing.
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kaveti6616  +   1372d ago
Take a logic class. What you just said was immature.

You tried to downplay the custom livery editor by calling it childish and saying that no GT fan would want it. And you got a ton of agrees. This says something about the world. Illogical idiots, that's all you guys are. If MS was to make a custom car to promote Forza, I suspect you would all bash MS for spending more money on advertising than on the game.
visualb  +   1372d ago
yo man no need to bring turn 10 into this =|
seriously, want to keep loyal to GT5 and the all mighty PD? DON'T MENTION other game devs, especially disrespectful immature ones =(
Edward-Kraken  +   1373d ago
That thing is BEAUTIFUL. Simply stunning.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1373d ago
1483 HP and "only" top speed of 249 mph... that thing is going to accelerate like a beast!

Me wants!
rrw  +   1373d ago
what happend if this is on real life
Prcko  +   1373d ago
Why delay,why :((((((((
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1373d ago
Hey look you have two bubbles. XD Your welcome. :)

And yes me wants the game nowwww too.
Lionalliance  +   1373d ago
Oh wow!
Love the design, holy shit O o o!
Batman got himself a new Batmobile!
rrw  +   1373d ago
we need Stig batman cousin to drive this
Fishy Fingers  +   1373d ago
I guess you wont be able to use this online in normal races?
cmrbe  +   1373d ago
1483 HP
is a lot of horses.
Yangus  +   1373d ago
Cool,but GT5 release date?
raztad  +   1373d ago
GT5 doesnt run on xbox360.
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Edward-Kraken  +   1373d ago
Hey chill, I dont think he's trolling. He's honestly asking a question... I think.
thebudgetgamer  +   1373d ago
check his post history
on topic: this is going to be awesome.
Yangus  +   1373d ago
Sorry,i GT fan.But enough many screens and youtube videos!I want GT5!5 years waiting....understand?Thanks.

Release date.
Offical Tracks list.
Offical Car list.

This important.
Panthers  +   1373d ago
I dont think anyone can understand what you just posted.
NAGNEWS  +   1373d ago
check his DNA first see if he is the ps3 fanboy not 360-T
LordStig  +   1373d ago
hey Yangus heres a thought
How about using some proper grammar when you post a message, your parents didn't spend countless amounts of money on school bills for you to end up flushing it down the toilet.
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ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1373d ago
Has it ever occurred to you that English is most likely not his first language? He's actually got an interest in GT5 because he only seems to post on GT5 articles.
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LordStig  +   1373d ago
well if he's capable of typing in perfect English he should be able to proof read what he's typing and make the proper correction instead of sounding like a caveman.
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UnSelf  +   1373d ago
stig u made me laugh but ur close minded attitude proves ur the caveman

are u fluent in Madarin? ok then
LordStig  +   1373d ago
i'm the stig
I speak telepathically and i didn't know fruits had their own language. lol jk.
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M4I0N3  +   1372d ago
lol, classic stig :D
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1373d ago
One word....
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ilikestuff  +   1373d ago
sweet car, sooooo when can i drive it? this year? next year? can i get it before the world ends in 2012?
acere  +   1373d ago
acording to 0-60mph calculates it should do 60mph in 0.6 seconds.
killzowner  +   1373d ago
Where'd you get this from, witham?
UnSelf  +   1373d ago
just off the top of my head i think thats a wrong assessment.

i dnt even think fighter jets do 0-60 that fast
theonlylolking  +   1373d ago
They should have given us this car for pre-ordering.
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UltimateIdiot911  +   1373d ago
I hate all the preorder BS. I'm glad it's not.

Also, I hope they make all the preorder bonus available to everyone at a later date like GTPSP.
Dlacy13g  +   1373d ago
OK, we know its delayed...
We get that they are going to have a bunch of awesome cars....

How about they give us a new release date?
yogaflame  +   1372d ago
Will this car appear in the movie "Tron" It looks like a car from that movie. Well its not Gt5 anymore but Wipeout. By the way , it may take a long time for you to unlock this car. Maybe you need to pass all license test, get all cars, and win all competition mode, and it is worth 100 million in the GT5 to get this. Hahaha just imagine this car against that tiny Fiat.
visualb  +   1372d ago
thats one beautiful car =O
does it actually exist? didn't get it in the article =( and can't tell from photos if its reality or GT5 (duh)

AMAZING though...its like an F1 meets a Lotus =D
ZILLA  +   1372d ago
the specs on this car sound like me after drinking 2 RED BULLs.i really hope they include a 79-93 MUSTANG,that would make a ton of people(gamers)reeeeeeeeeal happy.

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