Medal of Honor has everything but honor

SegmentNext-"Game play was average, visuals were average except for when we were fighting on the mountains. That was some good eye candy. The weapons are average, the AI is terrible and the game in my view was pushed forward too soon. I give it a 6/10".

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CombineElite2861d ago

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet.

Save your money for Black OPS or go buy BFBC2 or just do both but buying MOH is a waste of cash.

tacosRcool2861d ago

This games does not suck. I don't think you even played it

Vip3r2861d ago

It does suck.

It's SP is a cheap clone of MW2 and it's MP is a cheap clone of BFBC2.

Honestly, if you want a good MoH game, but Allied Assault on the PC. Otherwise, leave this well alone. I'm trading mine in for LBP GOTY and maybe Resistance 2.

Soldierone2861d ago

Short and sweet

"This guy is yet another COD fanboy that doesnt give other games a chance, this review jumped on that bandwagon." Done.

CombineElite2861d ago

Does MOH offer any innovation? NO
is MOH SP open world? NO
is the story unique? NO
is MOH MP better than BFBC2? NO
is MOH better than BFBC2 Vietnam? NO
is MOH better than MW2? NO
is MOH better than REach? NO
does MOH SP have replay value? NO
is mOH MP innovative? NO
is MOH anything other than a linear on rail shooter? NO

IMO MOH is a cookie cutter game meant to make easy money off of Modern Warfare. MOH doesn't offer anything unique or innovative.

therefore why waste $60 when Reach, BFBC2 are already out there and Black OPS in which MOH is a clone of is right around the corner.

I just view MOH as a publisher being lazy and just coping MW and making a quick buck with out any innovation in the FPS genre.

There's nothing about new or innovative about MOH that warrants $60.

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ASTAROTH2861d ago

The more I think these reviewers are just making it seems like a bad game so you could buy Black Ups instead. The worst thing is that some of these reviewers gave the unprofessional advice to just buy Black Ups instead. What the hell happened?? This game is very underrated. It doesnt deserve a 10 or a 9 but MW2 didnt deserved then either. Everybody complained about MOH graphics but the truth is that at least they are better than MW2. In my opinion Bad Company is a better game than both, but MOH is worth your money if you are not just another Call of Duty casual fanboy...

tacosRcool2861d ago

I just thought about that. I have never seen so many reviews for a game from obscure sites that I have never heard of until recently. I think they are trying to overhype Black Ops so people will buy it by "writing" these garbage reviews