Xbox Live Arcade "past tipping point"

The Xbox 360's download games service Xbox Live Arcade may have passed its tipping point, one of the platform's most successful developers has said.

According to Foundation 9, the parent company of the developers behind download games OutRun Online Arcade, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Deadliest Warrior: The Game, around 30 per cent of Xbox 360 owners are buying games through XBLA.

"Certainly XBLA is past tipping point now," CEO James North-Hearn told Eurogamer.

"We estimate there are about 16 million game purchasers out there currently. The 360 numbers are somewhere between 40 to 50 million, depending on who you listen to.

"It's pretty healthy. 30 per cent of the hardware base is not only online and using Xbox Live, but it's all those and buying games. It's got to be encouraging for that type of distribution going forward."

Xbox Live is currently a billion dollar business, buoyed by sales of movies, avatar gear and game add-ons.

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Thabo2773d ago ShowReplies(4)
Bigpappy2773d ago

It has been shown many times that the 360 crowd spend more than on other consoles. I have thought about why this is. I look and where the 360 sells best (North America and UK), and I believe that it has to do with dispossable income.

ImpartialMan2773d ago

some games have higher attach rate on PS3.
As matter of fact, alot of EA games do. They said PS3 is their best earner.

reason why FPS does so much better on Xbox is because Japanese dont buy that.

so the huge portion of the PS3 market is buying completely different sort of games

The Lazy One2773d ago

I think he was talking just about downloadable games/content.

StanLee2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

EA games have shown a higher attach rate on the PS3 but the data has also shown a slower sales incline; meaning, gamers are buying the games 3 to 6 months after launch. I wonder why that is? I think it's more a case of gamers waiting for price drops on annual titles that many see as not being worth full price for minor upgrades year afer year. The XBox 360 sees high intial sales and a huge fall off after the initial release weeks; showing that the XBox 360 core fanbase of these EA titles run out a buy the games at launch but the more apprehensive gamer don't spend money on the titles at all.

ImpartialMan2772d ago

where did you get such information..
and what you say makes no sense. because EA said most of their profit comes from PS3.

which wouldnt be possible if people are buying games after price drop.

Also, how do you expect Madden sales this year?? PS3 beats Xbox despite the fact that there are about 10 million more xbox consoles in US.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2773d ago

Xbox Live is the number 1 source for downloading games and DLC. Live generates over a billion $ each year. No one can deny the success of Live wich is why other companies try to copy Live. The more features they ad to Live the better it gets.

BeAGamer2773d ago

why are you so excited about it?
not like you receive any of the profit

8-bit2773d ago Show
Zachmo1822773d ago

Yea 8-bit cause i'm sure your going to be playing all those games next year....But i take on off that list for you agent who said it's coming out next year we barley know anything about that game as of now.

8-bit2773d ago

I do plan on playing every game on that list. Does it surprise you that I have a list of games that I am looking forward to? Not sure how that feels? Whether Agent releases in 2011 or not I plan to get it and even if you take it off of my list it really doesn't change the fact that I will be broke next year.

mrcash2773d ago

Only ps3 games I'm buying are,

Last guardian
possibly socom4
maybe agent if they ever release any info.

Spydiggity2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

you don't think we'll see Uncharted 3 next year?

also, not sure why some ppl are excited for Last Guardian. looks pretty lame so far. as near as i can tell it's about a boy that spends a lot of time with a giant feathered dog (never ending story anybody?). i'll reserve judgement, but isn't that what everyone should be doing? we know almost nothing about the game.

and am i the only one that notices that the main characters in Ico games never look like they are actually part of the environment. like a cartoon that was added later.

4Sh0w2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

no offence 8 bit but most of your list was games I've saw a hundred times listed on this site for games supposedly coming in 2010 during 2009 fanboy arguements, lets try to wait until games are on the shelf before throwing up useless lists of announced or rumored games.

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HDgamer2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Nah, Steam and PSN beats live like OJ and women.

XRider2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

WOW! Jason 360's comment more or less just reflected the truth and what this news was about. The PS3 fanboys just jumped and attacked as usual trolling with a passion. He didn't even mention the PS3 at all and just touted the success of Xbox Live. It's not his fault that Live is more succesful than PSN. If this was the other way around PS3 fanboys would all be screaming "take that bots" PS3 fanboys as usual saying "we don't play sales or numbers" even though that is what the news is about. Why do you PS3 fanboys say "we don't play sales" but then turn around and play sales when it's Japan and EU?

HDgamer2773d ago

I'm glad you can't read where he says ps3.

SkyGamer2773d ago

That was only after someone made a comment first. Why would they make a comment like that? If you are on Xbox Live, why wouldn't you be excited? I would be as that would be a good indication that more games would be coming out on Xbox Live Arcade. If it is a success, there will be more support, duh!

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Christopher2773d ago

I just disagree with them saying that eventually distribution will be the route for all games. Sorry, but the biggest source of profit for digital content is based on DLC for items sold on a hard format, not a soft format. Key examples include Fallout 3, MW1 & 2, Gears of War, Halo, Red Dead Redemption, GTA4, and Mass Effect 2.

MorganX2773d ago

ENSLAVED is only 5GB installed on a USB thumbdrive. With Internet speeds getting faster, it won't be long until most games can be digitally distributed.

Castlevania, a 2-disc DVD, 12.7 GB.

The real question, is when, not if. That, no one knows. Even though speeds are getting there, cost will keep most households from having it for some time after that.

Christopher2772d ago

Gotta disagree. How much HDD space do you have on your console? How many games do you own? How much hard drive space would it take to install them all? How many countries have cap limitations on downloads per month, which is already strained by internet video viewing and general game usage (including downloading DLC and updates)?

Personally, I have a 500 GB PS3 (upgraded) and there's no way I could put my whole collection on it. Also, if I used certain cable companies in the U.S. I'd have a limit for monthly downloads, which means some months I'd be limited to buying only a certain number of games.

Also, how do you sell digital games as presents during the Holiday season? How do you sell a game packaged with a peripheral, which are some of the biggest sellers during the Holiday season? How do you sell Limited Editions?

Honestly, there may not be an 'if it will come' but that when is very far away from now considering global limitations as well as marketing limitations.

djfullshred2773d ago

haha, you people are funny with your bean counting. Got bored with playing games, so now you debate about who is playing games as an alternative hobby? LOL

Silly gameAr2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Remember when the articles used to come out that measured which console had the most online activity? What happened to those? Those really got people hyped.

Man, I remember those days. Dark days indeed.

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