Resistance Will Be The Biggest And Best Game Insomiac's Ever Made Says Ted Price

Whoa, isn't that a bold statement? We know after Resistance 2, the developer took what the fans had to say to heart. In fact, they learned many things: not bitting off more than you can chew, taking things one day at a time, and giving themselves three years to complete a game. That must be where this tough boast is coming from.

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movements2899d ago

Fighting words, but if anyone can accomplish this, Ted Price and Insomniac Games can.

I think I want this more than Killzone 3 now. Seriously.

PS3ROCKS2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Fu..king awesome

hay2899d ago

Bigger and better than Crack In Time? Sounds awesome.

ExplosionSauce2899d ago

Not really fighting words.

They're saying it'll be the best game THEY have made. Not the best game ever in comparison to everyone else and other companies.

MaxOpower2899d ago

No... That is fucking fighting! You know Spyro: the Dragon being the best game of times, and all....

ABizzel12899d ago

I love the whole concept of Resistance, and it has become one of my top 10 favorite franchises of all time.

Resistance 3 is going to be pure fan fare love, and there nothing more you can ask for.

Everything we loved about the original is coming back in addition to the things the made the second game good.

vsr2899d ago

i'm looking forward the sales of R3 on [email protected] $299 -399

TotalPS3Fanboy2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

they were able to thoroughly polish it and Ted Price thinks that it'll be the best game they have ever done.

And I agree.

However, if you disagree, your opinion is wrong, because on N4G, opinion are taken as fact.

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-Alpha2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Not really fighting words, just typical hype all devs create.

No developer will say a previous game they made was the biggest and best, now would they? You have to expect the sequels to always be bigger and better, so it's nothing new.

I am interested to see if R3 will take Resistance into the direction RFOM was intended to go.

I'm more interested in the co-op. I'm hoping it's a survival type game like the trailer depicts instead of a 8 man run-and-gun style co-op. R3 could offer the "zombie"/survival style PS3 has been missing out on.

kaveti66162899d ago

I think if Resistance 3 has a main flaw, it's the fact that the main character has changed.

There needs to be a recurring storyline for characters, even if they're not very talkative or original.

I like the character of Nathan Drake a lot, and if he was replaced completely by Sully in the next Uncharted game, I wouldn't like the game as much.

I don't know much about Nathan Hale, and now it seems hes out of the picture.

Mr Tretton2899d ago

kaveti6616, difference is Nathan Drake is a good character. THE character. Nathan Hale was not a good character. Insomniac clearly realized this after R1. I think it would have been better to have left off with him on R1 and make a suprise return with him later. R2 could've had a different character.

ico922899d ago

devs said the same thing about Reach, Uncharted 2, MGS4 etc guess what they were right

sinncross2899d ago

I'm just concerned that they're taking away R2 co-op when they could easily refine the experience and make an another option to the already confirmed Campaign co-op.

More options, then better I say. Especially since there seems to be no 'Horde' (or whatever other games call it) co-op mode which itself seems like a strange omission.

So in effect, this game could have 3 co-op varieties, but they're sticking to 1.


raztad2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I share your feeling regarding the coop, however I dont think including a R2 like coop can be described as "easy". Actually if they want it to be awesome, other parts of the project will have to suffer.

I would be happy if IG releases a 8-players coop stand alone R3 expansion (ala R&C:A4O) after the game is out.


LOL. Something went crazy while typing :D. It is edited.

Troll_Police2899d ago

Great. Looking forward to it.

ubiquitious2899d ago

Is Ted Price and Insomniac making a Halo game? Sounds like it.

raztad2899d ago

I think it is just the contrary. R2 lost its identity, too much Halo/CoD alike.

By the looks of it, R3 will return to a more horror-survival FPS style that characterized R:FoM. That and the extended development time (3 years) makes sure game will be a lot more polished and feature packed than its prequels.

Resistance universe is brilliant. R3 wont be the last one, and this can be only good news for PS fans. Looks like Resistance franchise will return to form next year. Cant wait.

PS360PCROCKS2899d ago

i hope so. Wasn't a real fan of the first 2, but i will always try a insomniac game because they're very good devs.

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