Get Pumped For Black Ops Release

Excited for Call of Duty: Black Ops to release? Get pumped with 5 gameplay videos and all the info so far

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Shackdaddy8362834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Despite what I said before, it looks like sooo much fun.

That being said, if it will be as disappointing as MW2 was, I will never trust another CoD again...

But since MW2 was probably the only CoD game I didnt like, I am willing to completely forget that it was ever made...

P.S. On the 4th video, whats up with the akimbo? I thought they were supposed to get rid of that... Thats kinda gay...

TheLastGuardian2833d ago

This song has gotten me more pumped than any of the trailers have.

OneSneakyMofo2833d ago

As fun as the game looks, I won't buy it because of Bobby Kotick.

vickers5002833d ago

If you want to play it, then buy it used.

BX812833d ago

I agree with that! This will either make or break the COD series for me! It's looking too damn good though.

-Judge_Fudge2833d ago

"That being said, if it will be as disappointing as MW2 was, I will never trust another CoD again"
i know infitityward shitted on us gamers with MW2 online by not beta testing it and it turn out to be a glitch fest,but treyarch is learning from that and acually been beta testing for 3 months now so this should be good

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awiseman2834d ago

I have been getting less ans less "pumped" as I see more of the game. I have decided to give my money to the more deserving Cryteck with Crysis 2. Nothing on Treyarch though.

DanSolo2833d ago

I am still unsure about the game. The fact that the Zombie mode is making a return makes me want the game... but the fact it already looks pretty obvious that they plan on milking the Zombie mode for as much money as they can make on the DLC makes me think twice.

I think it will be a case of; if there is a supermarket pricewar with places like Asda and Tesco doing it for £29 then I will most likely pick up a copy day one, but if not then I will probably pass on it.

Dark-Cloud2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

i'll buy this game , it's alot better then Mw2 , it have zombies - good campaign - good gameplay for the online :) ... new modes in the online ......

assassin creed brotherhood is in the same month , :D .. i wish if gt5 release in november too :( ...

Akagi2833d ago

Why couldn't it be released as an expansion? Looks shockingly similar to MW, WAW and MW2.

mastiffchild2833d ago

Because we, as gamers, are happy, in general, to buy it this way. I also feel that it's a bit rich calling WaW, MW2 and now BO fully fledged retail games in the truest sense when they all stick so rigidly to what's an, admittedly, great formula coined for COD4. Thing is COD isn't alone in this regard cos we buy sports games like Fifa, PES and Madden every year even when there'#s sod all difference in the gameplay from one iteration to0 the next! Mainly, I think devs and gamers would, or could, be better off if EA, for E.G , just did a full Fifa game every other year which would give them enough chance to really upgrade and make the new game worthwhile. In the off year they could release a disc/DLC with the new strips, comp lists and squad updates etc-all the statistic and yearly changes we cannot avoid-for a nominal fee and as they aren't doing the same work in a rush that they would for the yearly game wouldn't it still endn up as profitablke if priced right? Everyone would be a winner, no?

But, as I say, we buy it as it is so they're happy doing as little as they can for as much cash as possible so looking into better value for us and themselves is unlikely even if it MIGHT be possible to do it to everyone's advantage AND earn some mutual respect often missing in the industry/community relationships within gaming. To me the only real additions are new perk tweaks,new killstreaks, another dodgy looking campaign with too much bang without thought, new maps and skins for the MP and the return of the Zombie/horde mode rip off from WaW which wasn't big or clever or original the first time they didn't bother using their imaginations on it. Not nearly enough to merit everyone shelling out new game prices-not in my eyes.

If we're all honest can we really say the last few PES's or Madden's we bought were fair and good value in terms of being improved on the last years model? I can't and when I look at COD4 it's STILL the better of the recent COD games. Best SP(by a mile)and the originator of the perk and class system in the MP that works so well and in the first MW was just better balanced than it ever has been since. The changes since have been purely cosmetic and just watered down the magic of that first entry this gen imho-seriously, if everyone who bought any of the COD games from COD4 onwards was asked to choose just one to keep playing for good most would choose, for my money, COD4. I would and I'd rather play it now than the others really and they'd all have been amazing premium DLC content but full retail games should strive for more than just tweaks and a new setting for me. But we keep buying and conning ourselves.

I just don't see the value in buying BO when it comes out if it isn't a decent change on the three previous COD's as if it isn't why should we change top it? At full price? When you think about it it's a bit mad I think. Not that it's alone in this kind of rip off in gaming. It really does just look like MW2 and there's no getting away from it-they release the same basic game every year-it5's a good game but EVERY YEAR? Is it so good you want to buy it over and over again? That's why I've opted out after WaW. I've played MW2 and will play some BO, no doubt, but only as rentals or at mates cos I'd just as happily play COD4 or WaW for my COD fix and as COD4 is still the best of the bunch why wouldn't I?

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