Release of the Week: Fallout: New Vegas (360, PS3, PC)

War…. War never changes.

New Vegas is the second Fallout game since the series’ triumphant return in 2008. Bethesda brought the series back after a 10 year hiatus with Fallout 3, a game that has become one of the most successful RPGs of this generation. Not only was the game packed with more content than you could ever want, but it has been supported by one of the best DLC programs in gaming.

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Davedough2893d ago

SOOOOO Excited for this game!

tacosRcool2893d ago

PS3 gets the cold shoulder again for DLC

Not a day one purchase for me on for the PS3 or PC

SSKILLZ2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

*Claps very Slowly * -_- ......good 4 you

roblef2893d ago

This still looks damn good. I wish I had the time to play it.

Incipio2893d ago

For some reason, the Fallout 3 engine already feels OLD. I can't stand playing it. It feels slow and unresponsive and clunky.

BlackTar1872893d ago

is slow and clunky. but it was that way new LOL.

Cant wait to play this game.

Zinc2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I don't even know what you are talking about Incipio. I've played the game more than I've played with myself and I don't have those complaints.

In case you couldn't figure it out, that means a lot of time invested.

Incipio2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Well, apparently 4 people are used to the engine or don't agree or care, and 4 agree with me, so I'm not crazy! lol

I mean, don't get me wrong, I beat the game (Fallout 3 GOTY edition) and everything...but I just don't like the engine anymore.

I'm probably just spoiled because of other games I play, I guess.

And yes, I was able to discern what you meant.

TimeSkipLuffy2893d ago

I loved Fallout 3! I will rent this game though. Playing it nonstop and later buy the complete edition with all DLC and play it a second time with all DLC. XDDD
I played Fallout 3 four times... I guess I am weak for apocalyptic open world games XD

And yeah... I am going for PS3. My XBOX360 will have to wait for one cool exclusive ^^.

steve082893d ago

Can't wait to play this, as i'm in the UK i have to wait till friday :( loved fallout three though, its a shame i have a mac and can't seem to get hold of FO1 and 2, would love to play them

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