Has Online Killed the Gaming Experience?

Remember the days when you would go to a friend’s house to play the original Ninja Gaiden or Mario, spending hour upon hour playing together having a great time? Sadly, I feel those glory days of gaming are long gone, with new technologies such as LIVE and PSN, are pushing two-player games and split screens further and further away.

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GWAVE2898d ago

It hasn't killed the gaming experience, but it certainly has raised a new breed of brainless gamers who care nothing except to get Achievements/Trophies in online matches and grief other players who just want to have fun.

sak5002898d ago

I believe the online component has damaged the single player experience. Some games like bioshock2 or dead space are simply not good for online play. Devs should focus more on stortelling than tacked on MP. Also online achievments / trophies should be removed as gwave above has said it's spoiled the online play.

If you want to have online part keep it w/o chevos or trophies.

steve30x2898d ago

People expect online in games these days. I much rather offline myself and wish more games devs would concentrate on offline and make the offline gameplay longer.

kraze072898d ago

It hasn't killed the gaming experience, but I do agree with the article. I especially hate how devs these days feel they always need to emphasize online multiplayer when in some cases the games shouldn't even have MP in them. And what the hell happened to split-screen co-op and bots? If you're going to concentrate on MP then don't do a half-assed job with it.

Js2Kings2898d ago

It has in a sense enhanced it. The ability to play with others when there's no one near locally or at not near someone who is experienced adds more value to the game. However, people these days only care about rank instead of the fun of the game. SSBB, believe it or not, actually succeeded by not including rank, however there were some who still care about winning and being top dog by using the lag from the crappy servers. MW2 is probably the best example, caring only about their K/D, I mean is really fun just to sit there boosting to gain what, your name on a list full of liars and cheats. The other problem is that Devs start losing focus on Single player. Single used to be of so much replay value, now if you have no internet or on vacation with your console, good luck trying to get a decent exp. once you beat that little campaign.

Sorry for long rant.