Star Jones video game violence segment

Game Politics gave Joystiq the heads-up on Thursday, now they got the video as well. Below you'll find the segment from the Star Jones Show on CourtTV about video game violence. Jones uses a Columbine student, Leland Yee and an attorney for the video game industry to tell the tale. It's still weird to hear that the Columbine shooters were fans of "violent video games," weren't they just fans of violence? Fans of violence with full-blown arsenals at their disposal -- but that's the point of another story.

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Scrumptious4128d ago

Lame guest star Greg!

Is it just me or does Star Jones look more creepy now that she shed +300 pounds?

Crazyglues4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

The sad part is when you lose the weight like that it not like your body can just adjust from over 300 pounds to under 200 pounds the next day.
The body is just not made like that.

But I guess in-time it will adjust.. but who knows

The problem with the way she did the story is their was once again no proof no doctor brought in to see the effect on a child who's been playing for hours. Or different age groups. I would have like to see how people react differently while playing.

Like put those little things they use to check your heart rate on them and see how they react, who get's really excited, do certain games that are violent cause you to get frustrated or high blood pressure.

Just not enough is done on these interviews but still interesting to see how people feel about gaming on a whole

LeonSKennedy4Life4128d ago

Yeah, that is pretty messed up Huey!

s8anicslayer4128d ago

here in nyc star jones is black and she's a radio talk show host on hot 97, who is this impersonater!

solidt124128d ago

Did you watch the video or just look and assume the woman on the still was Star Jones. This is Stars show and the woman on the still is a guest. Click the video and Watch it.

Cat4128d ago

i don't ever want to see an article about star jones on this site again. i feel violated. she can talk about her weight loss all she wants, but not about games. no.

otherZinc4128d ago

Dont they have better things to work on other than f*c*ing with videogames?

They already have a ratings system & just what I thought, they tried to make the issue very broad & the judge said "GTFO of my COURTROOM"!

Fighter4128d ago

I don't think she's hot or anything but she does seem more serious and professional than her diva days at 'The View'.

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