Sonic 4 Confuses Me

Mike Minotti: After years of having Sega mess with my emotions, it's hard to embrace Sonic 4 so quickly.

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Sadie21002746d ago

Ha, interesting article/point. I bet a lot of Sonic fans feel the same.

sonicsidewinder2746d ago

liked the part about breakfast in bed. lol

lightningsax2746d ago

Yeah, I feel like he just can't get over the years of awful that Sega had generated around Sonic, and you know what? That would have been a bit more ameliorated if they released an entire game instead of episodic content. If you had the whole thing to attack in one go, getting all the way to the end, hopefully where the gameplay would shine the most, it would be awesome. Instead, you basically get the promise of another short game.

Seriously, not getting this until they release the whole thing. I can't stand this episode stuff.

Baka-akaB2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I'm not at all a fan of sonic 4 ... and i'll get disagrees for it .

I can't drink the koolaid sorry . If i wanted to play sonic 1-3 i'd just do that .

I find absolutely flabbergasting how , as with megaman 9-10 , people just accept the idea of a 2d or 2.5d sequel with the same old gameplay , and yet not even the attempt at a grandiose realisation , at least .

sonicsidewinder2746d ago

i am proud of your wise-word child...

Klipz-Wish2746d ago

I personally find sonic 4 to feel slow when compared to older games in the series.

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