Minecraft Races Past 400,000 Sales

The enigma that is Minecraft continues to grow (hell, explode) in popularity, especially over the second half of this year. Another day, another milestone it seems as the title now boasts over 400,000 in unit sales.

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number472895d ago

Oh no.. my house is on fire.

CombineElite2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

1. While playing Minecraft I'm surprised you even noticed
2. That's why PC's are liquid cooled.
3. dial 911 and yell "LAN PArty"
4. nope that's just your gtx 480 getting warm
5. you have just become the victim of a World of Warcraft raid
6. (in a deep electronic voice) "KILLING SPREE"
7. quick you grab my KB/M monitor and Router while I grab the rig and my porn collection
8. "Dam I should have paid the water bill but that new core i7 was on sale"
9. looks like you found a use for that years supply of MTN Dew Code Red in your closet
10. quick hit escape before it auto saves.
11. looks like a bad overclock, write a 1 egg review and maybe Newegg will RMA it.

CombineElite2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

oops double post