Gamerscore - Has It Changed Things?

OXM has covered the 'do you care about gamerscore?' question before and generally, most people acknowledge it, seem pleased by it but don't go out of their way for it. The kind of thing that it's there and it's a nice bonus but it doesn't dominate how or what they play.

So here's another way to look at it - do you think the introduction of gamerscore changed gaming in any way?

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ThatsGaming2831d ago

This is a really simple one. Yes...

Proof you ask? How many people have 1,000 GS in Avatar the Burning Earth and have played that game from start to end?

I bet 90% of the people who have Avatar the Burning earth have not even seen the end of the first cut scene after you mash the B button for 1,000 GS in the first minute of the game!

FCOLitsjustagame2831d ago

I have played games longer because of the Acheivement concept. Gamerscore itself is not really that motivating for me but acheivements are as it gives me something to try that perhaps I wouldnt have done on my own. However, it still doesnt make un-fun games fun and I won't play a game just for acheivements but I do play fun games longer.