Medal of Honor Week One Sales hit 1.4 Million Units

VGC writes: "Following news of around 500,000 units sold on day 1 in the Americas, week one sales (5 days in the Americas and 2 days in EMEAA) have hit nearly 1.4 million units. The game has not had an easy path to retail and with mediocre review scores we expect sales to drop away fairly quickly. With that said and the holidays fast-approaching, we are expecting around 3.5 - 4.0 million units sold-through by the year end. Of the 1.4 million, 52% of sales were on Xbox 360, 43% on PS3 and the remainder on PC. The Americas accounted for nearly 2/3 of sales (exaggerated slightly by the staggered release dates)."

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xYLeinen2895d ago

That's pretty darn good. They have already exceeded the 1 mill milestone which is a solid milestone to achieve in todays industry.

One can only guess how many other units they will sell before Black Ops hit the market.

Christopher2895d ago

I think they'll hit the 2-3m mark, but once Black Ops comes out... kind of game over from there. I'm guessing another 8m for Black Ops over a four month period. CoD has become the WoW for FPS games. If you're going to really compete, you need to step your game up well above and beyond the current IPs.

CombineElite2895d ago

1.4 million units is very good

but once Black OPS hits the shelves MOH won't sell a single unit afterwards.

I don't see MOH getting to 3 million unless Black OPs is total FAIL which I seriously doubt.

FragGen2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Week Two: It will sell at least 700K more units....



I crack myself up.

But seriously, this game is a fine diversion for FPS fans while waiting for COD:BO and the BC2 Nam Pack. I like the objective based MP modes just fine right now. If you are not a huge FPS fan I'd wait to check out Black Ops and decide for yourself which one suits you, though. A lot of people were expecting this to set a new milestone and I don't think it does; so it'll get discounted and sold used.

otherZinc2895d ago

bought a horrible single player game! I dint play the multi, but that single player campaign is downright awful!

tacosRcool2895d ago

This is a great game and they have my money!

Take that all you haters!

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GusBricker2895d ago

...the game is just mediocre.

BubbleSystemSuck2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Gusbricker say: "Too bad...
...the game is just mediocre."

why you need to make this comment?
this is just for Trolling

GusBricker2895d ago

It's mediocre and not worth 60 bucks.

Hey, it's just an opinion.

Obviously, yours is different. Good for you.

Sarcasm2895d ago

Honestly, it's not as bad as everyone says. Although probably not worthy of a purchase, but after watching a bunch of Afghanistan war videos against the Taliban, they stick pretty close to presenting it in MOH. It feels more Authentic than the kiddy style hold your hand silly ridiculous never will happen in real life MW2.

HungPHATx2895d ago

This game ROCKS ! I'll take this any day over MW2 , Black Ops is looking to be the something as MW2 and thar equals FAIL in my book ! Long live COD4

acere2895d ago

i tinking of trading for fllout nv

skip2mylou2895d ago

take that to all the doom and gloom articles that have hit medal of honor :). dont believe the reviews game is fun

BubbleSystemSuck2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Really good sales... i think this game has good legs.

waiting MoH2 announce now...

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