How Microsoft's 360 has defeated Sony's PS3 this generation

It was not that long ago that Microsoft was the upstart in the video game industry. Microsoft had a ton of money yes, however, they always seem to lack the one key ingredient needed for a successful system, the games. How times have changed for Microsoft these past few years.

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niceguywii602859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

In a nut shell MSFT forced Sony's hand this whole generation and took advantage of the company's arrogance. Shaping the future of gaming also helped MSFT. In the end MSFT's focus on helping the 3rd party devs make money and stay rich will prove to be the greatest thing they did right. 2nd greatest thing MSFT has done right falling in second place is creating a motion camera that is more advanced then anything ever made for consoles that will share its market with no other company/device/console.

BulletToothtony2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

the only reason why they're ahead in sales it's because of a WHOLE 1 year head-start and a year and a half in europe..

is it really that hard to acknowledge that fact?

NoLongerHere2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I personally play with games, not figures.

JOLLY12859d ago

What else do you play with :P...kidding!

GWAVE2859d ago

Usually when I hear the word "defeat", I assume the battle is over, which it's not. Both the 360 and PS3 are still on the market, and when looking to the future, the PS3 is the system to own, not the 360 (unless you're interested in nothing but controller-free casual gaming).

SiteNblog Defender2859d ago

Sony lost a lot of marketshare to Microsoft and Nintendo, so yes Sony was defeated.

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Zir02859d ago

Sony arrogance was their downfall. If they released the PS3 at an acceptable price the 360 would likely be discontinued by now and the 720 already in production.

Both MS and Nintendo have ensured Sony will NEVER dominate like they did with the PS1 and PS2 again.

Fishy Fingers2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Your idea of an "acceptable price" would of no doubt put Sony deeper in the red.

Either way, the Wii laughs at anyone who thinks the 360 or PS3 is "winning". Play some games, you'll find that sales dont effect them one bit.

Dee_912859d ago

wasnt it the cheapest blu ray player ?

mugoldeneagle032859d ago

It's funny how one of the main reasons the PS3 was so expensive was Blu Ray, which will eventually be the lead format in market, and ultimately why the 360 wont be able to hang around in the long run.

It's already obvious. The PS3 went from being "too hard" to develop on, to the lead console for most devs and a lot of it is based on Blu Ray. And I HATE when developers say "It can only be done on the PS3" but its true. And Blu Ray helps them out a lot, and games benefit from it.

And here we are 2 years later, with both consoles roughly the same price, and both selling evenly. What a shocker.

raztad2859d ago

The "victory" of the xbox360 can be resumed to 5 words: "faulty and rushed to market".

I have to reckon the xbox360 has kept their leadership in USA by a wide margin, that is an important victory for MS. EUROPE and JAPAN is a different thing tho.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

A webcam that can barely track a players movements and who's games only plays on rails is consider by you to be the best motion controller to date? lol You're delusional.

MS has no exclusive AAA games for I mistaken? So then what's all this talk games and superior motion technology? lol

"There is no longer any reason for Microsoft to take a risk with the 360. Microsoft know they have it made and seemed to be confident that they will defeat Sony in the end. As long as they keep churning out Halo and Gears of War games the sky is the limit for Microsoft. "

And this is why MS will fail yet again like they have with Apple in every sector except the PC. Music/Movies/phones/portable player/education segment.

And since when does US market-share replace global market-share? Because everywhere else the PS3 holds the top spot. Yeah the PS3 is doomed!

stuna12859d ago

I agreed with the first part of your comment, but then you had to go all fanboy on us with the last part! Popular to belief sony isn't going anywhere! Also the only thing that microsoft has done is expand on what made them relevant in the first place, and that is their online components, simple as that! The hardware side of the xbox360 is junk pure and simple, it the software side of microsoft that makes the xbox360 shine. Sony on the other hand has made a huge contribution to the forward motion of technology. By introducing a new media format in the process. What so many people fail to understand is, sony is so much more than video game console makers, and because they are they are able to share their technology across a broader spectrum of merchandises "TVs, Computers, Stereos, Camcorders, Phones, Walkmans, Auto Stereos, CD/DVD player and, a slew of other merchandise. There technology proliferate through to the very fabric of why they are sony and is shared on one level or another. Their very foundation is built on hardware.

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NAGNEWS2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

with timed exclusive DLC's and games

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2859d ago

What games? The PS3 gets more exclusive DLC than the Xbox. Where the hell do people get their info from?

jizzyjones2859d ago


Its year head start only got it ahead in the US, its dying in EU an dead on arrival in JPN. Take a chill pill

yoghurt2859d ago

sshhhhh don't talk about the year head-start - we like to forget about that....

Homicide2859d ago

"Its year head start only got it ahead in the US"

And PS3's lack of exclusives...
And Sony's arrogance...
And PS3 losing exclusives...
And inferior multiplats....
And Sony's marketing failures like the baby ad...
And Price....

strotee2859d ago

And PS3's lack of exclusives...
-- When? 2006? Sure, but seriously, do we even need to make a full list of all the exclusives from 2007-2010 (and beyond)? Trust me, you don't.

And Sony's arrogance...
-- Both sides have said some things they'd likely want to take back. Hardly anything to cry over, no?

And PS3 losing exclusives...
-- Sony has no control over what 3rd party developers do with THEIR time & money, which is why 1st party development is worth more in the long run. (timed) exclusive DLC? Yippie, sign me up. *rolls eyes*

And inferior multiplats....
-- Blame the developers of said multi-plats. They're more concerned with getting their product out the door and making $ than making a quality product. How's that Sony's fault?

And Sony's marketing failures like the baby ad...
-- Really? lol, ok I'll give you that (*cough* 2006)

And Price....
-- That's one thing they likely feel bad about, but, in 2006 Blu-ray was SUPER expensive. There was no way around it. They invested and sacrificed so much just to try to get Blu-ray market penetration that even at $600 they were losing money. They decided to bleed just to be fairly affordable (at the time). When has MS ever fell on the sword for customers? Here's a hint: they expect customers to do that for them.

Pennywise2859d ago

This guy is stuck in 2007. Someone call Doc Brown... we need to bring him back to reality.

Cloudberry2859d ago

Except what I've read the title back in 2008 was "DOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMEEEEE EEEEDDDDDDDDD" or something like that.

LordMarius2859d ago

One year head start, cheaper, replacements, marketing
There is your equation

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