Xbox 360 Kinect European Launch Line-Up Revealed

Yoga, Zumba and dance. A hedgehog, sorcerer and lion cub. Rapids, moguls and race tracks. Microsoft today unveiled 19 ways for you to jump into the action with the final launch line-up of games for Kinect for Xbox 360. Completely free from controllers, Kinect immerses you in dance and fitness, racing and sports, action, adventure and party games, offering something for everyone on your Christmas gift list.

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CrawFail2899d ago

see... i'd definitely call that a bad line up.

ImpartialMan2899d ago

are just minigames.
and other few are shovelware.

tinybigman2899d ago

i'll use my $150 for something better like actual games i want to play.

tinybigman2899d ago

someone thinks i should spend my $150 on a useless camera and shovelware games hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha. fanboys you gotta love them.

acky12899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Too many sport, fitness and dance games amounting to a very shallow and fleeting experience for me.

Has anyone see how bad that harry potter game looks btw:

Edit: @below yep, true. News like this doesn't really belong on a gaming site then does it?

hoops2899d ago

Konect is focused fully towards the Wii demographics. This is why you are seeing those type of games at launch and will see more of those games in the very near future. Those games will sell Kinect and more Xbox's. The Wii crowd is going to grab up those type of casual games.
This was MS plan from the begining.

ImpartialMan2899d ago

and all the resources that wouldve gone into hardcore is going into casual...

just look at next year's line up.

SkullBlade1692899d ago

The Atari Jaguar had a better line-up when it was released, and that's saying something.

danelectro2899d ago

Looking forward to a few of the titles, really worth a look at least.

kevco332899d ago

I'm more 'intrigued' than 'excited', to be honest.

niceguywii602899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

You're still not being completely honest, your so called "intrigued" is actual reconnaissance trying to figure out how to smear the product. This is also the agenda of all PS3 fanboys.

This is a great launch lineup and all of these games are designed for the hardware from the ground up.


Don't lie you guys troll Kinect to smear it or stealth troll it.

foker2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

niceguywii60 ,..
They don't have to smear anything,.. It is got shit written allover it already,..
anyone who buys this and doesn't have at least three, three to five year old kids ,.. is a moron,.. even for them the complexity of interaction is stupefyingly limited,..

asyouburn2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

people smear it because it sucks. if it had awesome games, everyone would shut up. but it doesnt. it has dance central, and kinectimals. woo-hoo. oh wait, fitness games too. as if its at all necessary to pay 150 bucks plu the cost of a game to do sit ups. news flash! in the end, you're still doing sit ups or push ups or whatever

fr0sty2899d ago

"designed from the ground up" for kinect means "we had no other choice, we couldn't effectively port games that used a controller to a hands free design". for move, it means "we chose to design it specifically for move because it offered an advantage over using a dual shock". for games like MAG, Socom, etc., shooters in general, you're not going to get much more out of "designing from the ground up" than if you add the controls at a later time. all you are doing is mapping motion controller movement to the axis that the DS3 would otherwise control with an analog stick, and adding some tweaks to allow for a bounding box to turn with, etc... not something you have to do from the ground up which is why we're seeing so many older shooters ported to move and currently in development shooters now offering move support. it's not rocket science to add it, unlike trying to get those same games to run on kinect.

kevco332899d ago


You are kidding me right? It's true that I have a PS3, but I do actually spend more time playing my Xbox 360. I also have a Wii and a powerful PC, but still spend more time playing my Xbox 360.

That's not being a fanboy, that's having a preference.

douchedebater2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

"anyone who buys this and doesn't have at least three, three to five year old kids ,.. is a moron"

Comments like that shows how ignorant and immature you are. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean that the rest of the work needs to follow suit.

Immediatedly I see you as a pompus overly arrogant asshole that needs to be put in his place. And trust me, someday someone will.

And some of you other guys, if you don't like it, that's cool. I just don't see why you feel compelled to let everyone know about it. And stead of saying something like, no it's not my cup of tea, or I'm not really into it. You make commnets like "It's shit", "That sucks", etc. Once again a sign of arrogance and immaturity.

acky12899d ago

Thank you fr0sty, finally someone making sense.

Move was 'tacked on' to some games because that's exactly what control schemes are. Being built from the ground up for a certain control scheme doesn't have a massive advantage.

I'm sure some pc games built for mouse/keyboard have been changed to play just as good or better with a controller. Just like some people will prefer Heavy Rain with Move and some without. Wolfenstein 3D springs to mind for some reason, that worked really well with a controller but wasn't designed for one, the controls were 'tacked on' and worked great.

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aceitman2899d ago

looks like 2 or 3 games at launch the rest to follow through the month

AutoCad2899d ago

not bad for a launch line-up.

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