ESRB lists Mayhem, a new racing title

GamingBolt : ESRB has outed what seems like a new racing title in development by Evolved Games, developers of Raven Squad and Terminator Salvation.

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cyborg2741d ago

I liked the vehicle sections of Salvation and they seem to be a good choice for the new racing game.

gameseveryday2741d ago

Interesting! lol. Destruction Derby may be? Not sure could be an all together different games. But to be honest I am not expecting a great game from the devs of Terminator Salvation.

TheHip142741d ago

Not a big fan of racing games

halocursed2741d ago

Can't wait for the debut trailer or some screenshots.

BaKon2741d ago

This game better be unique if it wants to impress

j-blaze2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

they just love to waste money on making these stupid sports and racing games instead of something unique and creative ...