IGN: Vanquish Review

Vanquish is a stylish, spectacular looking game with great gunplay and some stunning set pieces. Although the game's story and character development pale in comparison to the action, IGN had a great time with Vanquish from the in-game tutorial all the way to the ending credits. Even though Mikami's latest creation is difficult at times, players looking for a highly entertaining shooter should look no further. Vanquish will keep you on the edge of your multi-thruster booster seat.

Presentation - 7.0
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 8.5
Lasting Appeal - 7.5

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Cloudberry2830d ago

Still want it despite whatever the game's lengths will be.

GWAVE2830d ago

Yeah this score is really good.

Active Reload2830d ago

I'm sorry, but, why does everyone feel that this game deserves great scores, compared to say....Enslaved? Soon as I come into the article or any article on this game, I read "...ahh, this game deserves better scores..." or I should say, most people lean towards giving it a favorable co-sign. And Enslaved is a good example, because before that, everyone was complaining about "...too many shooters..." and lo and behold, here comes Enslaved to save the day. But no, the majority of this site yells ignorantly "...Enslaved is crap!!!", when it is FAR from it. Just clue me in on reasons why this scenario is happening.

Lifendz2830d ago

Times like this I hate being a student. Can only hope Netflix adds some sort of games rental option for customers. Guess I'm adding another one to the ever-growing list of games I want to pick up.

number472830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

People played the demo?

I didn't like it personally. But it has amazing production values & polish for a multiplatform. It has fluid controls, great sound. Just don't have the time for a score/crunching tps/arcade game. But you know a good game when you see one. Checkout that quick-play video of the guy rushing through the demo to get a rough idea of the type of game it is.

Enslaved on the other hand, is rigid and clunky compared to Vanquish, its animation is bad, and you can just see the clear difference in quality from the developer(s). The Vanquish team seemed to have a point, and did they best for what they could. Enslaved was preceded by its own hype from the developer, and failed to meet any expectations from it. Enslaved put itself out there to be judged & Judged harshly, Vanquish just came out and let people see that it was a plain old good game.

People say there are too many FPS shooters coming out, and thats generally directed at the Milking of FPS franchises over and over, when they all come out at the same time.

fallingdove2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

@ Active Reload

Enslaved IS crap. I share the setiment that there needs to be more 'non-shooter' games but Enslaved doesn't deserve some of the applause it has received. that and Vanquish's gameplay beats Enslaved's senseless.

Enslaved's Auto-platforming, shoddy framerate, stagnant(button mashy) battle system is maddening for an action/platforming lover like myself. - Oh god, Devil May Cry is in trouble.

-Goes back to playing Vanquish.

Active Reload2830d ago

falling dove, your opinion is way on the other side of the Earth compared to mine, yeah polar opposite. BTW, did you actually pay $60 for Vanquish? After I played the demo of Vanquish, I'm in no rush to play it. But as the saying goes..."To each, their own...".

tacosRcool2830d ago

Crap review. MoH had a short campaign and yet they totally dissed it while this (not so interesting) game gets a good score despite that? IGN sucks bro and so does their reviews

MidnytRain2830d ago

I see this type of comment a lot so I just have to say something. All the "This site said this about Game A, but said that about Game B! That's stupid!"
The thing is, some people forget that the games are reviewed by two different people. Just because they work for the same site doesn't mean they have to share the same opinion.

Cheeseknight282830d ago

There is only one word that can be used to describe Medal of Honor's campaign: Derivative. Length has nothing to do with it; Vanquish, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air that isn't seen often enough in the industry.

I don't understand how you can compare a realistic modern day first person shooter to a futuristic fast-paced third person shooter. It just makes no sense. It takes me 4 hours to beat Donkey Kong Country 2, does that mean it deserves the same score as Medal of Honor?

gamingdroid2830d ago

"I'm sorry, but, why does everyone feel that this game deserves great scores, compared to say....Enslaved? "

Because Enslaved controls where terrible just like Heavenly Sword. The controls aren't responsive at all...

Vanquish has fast fluid controls and is an excellent shooter with a weak character and lacking storyline apparently. None the less, it is a buy at $20 for me.

Will wait for the eventual price drop!!!

fallingdove2830d ago

@Active Reload

Yeah, I paid $60 for it. For me it is worth every penny because I am big on fast, deep gameplay with a lot of options. The gameplay is incredibly polished. - Its clear that they put a lot of effort into fluidity.

Its interesting that my opinion is a polar opposite to yours because Vanquish and Enslaved are very much the same way. With Vanquish, the priority was its gameplay - the story leaves much to be desired; with Enslaved, the story was obviously the priority - the gameplay was really an afterthought.

As you say though - to each their own.

stevenhiggster2830d ago

I have to say I'm with fallingdove here. And the strangest bit is, I was looking forward to Enslaved and until playing the demo I wasn't the least bit interested in Vanquish.
After playing the demos of both games, I did a 180. I thought the demo of Vanquish was awesome and the Enslaved demo put me right off it.

tacosRcool2830d ago

@ MidnytRain

So your implying ,for example, that if someone is part of the democratic party, even though their individuals,they don't share the same opinions? So a news reporter from MSNBC is not gonna be liberal in thought, but whatever they think? No sir my friend. You hire people around you that think much like you on top of their skills. IGN is a close knit band of biased reviewers who love Halo and Call of Duty and give them damn near the best scores despite their flaws that are clearly present.

Its easy to compare depending on the context. Also your use of derivative doesn't make sense. A derivative of what?

Ryo-Hazuki2830d ago

this game is for hardcore players. Its meant to be beaten over and over while increasing the difficulty. High scores and speed runs...I love this game

N4g_null2829d ago

Yes vanquish says japan does get it. I say make a part two like now and use two disk. This is a game not a story book.

I wonder does contra have a story, don't think I ever cared. There is truely some horrible game play out there masked by $chills$ story and graphics.

It's too bad people arn't going to buy this because it doesn't last that long. This is how every fps should play from now on.

Action, action, action!

MidnytRain2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I'm sure most people would think it's foolish to turn away a talented, unbiased journalist just because he doesn't share the same opinion. He should be hired based on his ability, not his way of thinking. It makes perfect sense for 2 journalists from the same site to disagree on something. That's why some sources like IGN and Game Informer have "Second Opinion" pieces.

Cheeseknight282829d ago

Of Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2. What else?

tacosRcool2828d ago

Your thought is for an ideal working environment. It never happens. I am talking that IGN has biased reviews. For example, the recent Naruto game was reviewed by somebody that doesn't like fighting games and does not enjoy the very least anime styles. That is factored into the review and since people base their purchasing options on reviews like this, they won't buy it. At least have somebody that enjoys fighting games and appreciates anime styles. Also IGN's second thought is laughable anyways. I don't ever trust their reviews because of very inconsistent score given to games. Most games that are given great scores fall victim to all the hype it was given.


So your saying that if any game has any similarities in their campaigns, the game who came out later is not as good as the game that came before?

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Yi-Long2830d ago

... just not for full-price. I can wait till it's 15-20 bucks orso.

zeddy2830d ago

if you get the game, play on hard or it'l be over in a flash.

deafwing2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

..> I have to agree .. the game is too freaking hard!! LOL even normal kicks your electronic nano connected butt across the screen kicking and screaming. Still I like the pain - it's fun to play. :D

anways they need to do multiple language tracks like this in all games (this was a small blessing)

UltraNova2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I dont know if I can buy a 6 hr/60 buck game again.. It just feels wrong! Even if its as good and interesting as Vaquish..

Downtown boogey2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Yeah... If a SP-only game is that short, it would have to truly be a great EXPERIENCE, comprising a good story as well to be worth such price.

Jamegohanssj52830d ago

Lasting appeal shouldn't be that high.


deafwing2829d ago

... it's important, if she doesn't stay in my mind by next day, then most likely I will forget about her all together.

jjohan352830d ago

What the hell? No multiplayer? I thought the controls and movement would have been awesome for multiplayer.

Christopher2830d ago

Wait... they said the vistas were inspired by Halo and Gears of War? Really? I was looking at a lot of those and thought Mass Effect 1 and 2 and neither of those even went into my head unless you were talking about being a third person shooter similar to Gears of War.

Daoshai2829d ago

I buy just about every single game that comes out, getting vanquish today for $35 off plus $30 off LoS when you buy vanquish. Looking more forward to playing LoS than I am Vanquished, but I'll get both for that kind of price. Go Kmart!

Anyways to people saying Enslaved is garbage, you couldn't be more wrong, actually one of the best games I've played this year. Never condemn a game unless you've played it making conclusions off the demo is just stupid.

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AntoineDodson2830d ago

Seems solid. That the story is crap is a given but that's not something people are buying this for. It seems to do the job rather good, giving high speed action.

hamood2830d ago

and why can't action game have a story? this is what i really hate this generation,

Neckbear2830d ago

They want gameplay over story.

Here, read that.

Anyways, while I enjoy a good story in my games, I kinda agree with them.

Gameplay over story. Always.

despair2830d ago

yea gameplay over story is not an excuse, so many games have excellent gameplay and great stories, the reviews should take away from the score for the very very poor story scenes and horrible voice acting.

For those who say it doesn't matter, for me it does, its part of the reason I couldn't or rather wouldn't finish Bayonetta, the horrible story and voice acting with that awful music just gave me a bad headache every time I played the game.

Poor story and voices can take a lot from a game and many other games get penalised for it while this one gets almost a free pass. I couldn't finish Bayonetta for the same reason and it had one of the best fighting systems I ever played.

Hakimy2830d ago

it's actually the opposite.this gen gives credits to story more than previous gen.remember the first devil may cry? no one cared about its story and the game was praised by everyone (even bayonetta story was more interesting).how about the first resident evil? everyone mocked its VA till this day and called the story a B movie story yet it gave us a unique experience and the list goes on.every game doesn't have to have a hollywood like music or story.yes we would love to have a great story and a great gameplay at the same time but when giving the choice,it's gameplay over story (except for RPGs.they should have both).

despair2830d ago

true that this gen is more story oriented and that's part of the evolution of gaming, not all genres need a big story but at least if you're doing voice acting make it tolerable, it should get rated down for things you have to suffer through, games should not be chores they should be fun through and through so I should not have to suffer when playing a game because they decided to search Craigslist for actors and writers.

Baka-akaB2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

"and why can't action game have a story? this is what i really hate this generation, "

And from wich generation are you ? I remember stuff like turricane , actraiser , shinobi , on consoles and arcades from the 90s without a good plot neither .

The 80s were even more of a joke in that department .

I feel sometimes people whines and chimes in nostalgia for the heck of it .


Variety exist for many reasons , some of those being that we can't always love every games .
There were very few games focusing more on gameplay that the rest , this generation , in the hack and slash action genre . Stuff like bayonetta is there precisely to feel such void and found its public .

hamood2830d ago

@despair: you are my hero, finally some one who understands what i am saying

@neckbear: for me if a game got a shitty story then i believe that reviewers should reduce points for that and not give a high score because Platinum Stated They want gameplay over story.

@Baka-akaB: wait dude i am not that old,i am a late 90's guy and i remember that games focused on story back then specially the Japanese ones, MGS,Silent Hill etc

Baka-akaB2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

none of those are of the same genre than bayonetta or vanquish , or even action game ...

And it's not like each dont have sequel or equivalent with the same focus on story . If you are not an old gamer i get even less your complain ... most games theses days actually cater to your taste , not those of old arcade and action games .

Vanquish is the oddity many awaited , rather than the norm

Redempteur2830d ago

silent hill a action game ???

hamood2830d ago

i never mentioned bayonetta but i think for hack and slash games god of war got the best story among them . i am just saying that games had better stories but now most games have no story at all

also for action games i think MGS 3 is considered action, yakuza,syphon filter, the first COD, killzone, not all of these games were good but they did include a story where you actually give a damn about the characters instead of some random events like most shooters today

despair2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )


Its more that with games like Bayonetta there was a very robust variety of weapons and combo moves that varied enough to make it more interesting, still couldn't stand the rest of the game but the gameplay was really good.

With shooters its a different story, the most that usually changes are the different weapons you get and even though some might be interesting for a little while, 99% of them are just point and shoot a bigger bullet/beam/rocket etc.

It gets old fast if there isn't enough of a change up even in short games. Gears did it well enough and so did Uncharted but this one is an arcade shooter that just looks repetitive to me, plus it doesn't have the story to pull you in to make up for the gameplay getting old.

Its definitely a balancing act for developers and we have to respect them for the very difficult job they have to do but we also cannot cut them slack for not having high standards on all fronts of the game. We are paying them for this product and we should always expect the best not say "well some games the story is not as important" or "gameplay is everything". I hate settling for good, give me the best and push them to make the best.


yea that what I was saying, Uncharted is a great example of the same gameplay not getting repetitive and boring because they used other factors, the environment, settings and story, to make it more interesting.

Now of course I haven't played full version of Vanquish so I am going by vids and reviews to tell me what the game is like. Sure things like enemy variety will change up the game somewhat but from what I saw even with the big enemies you just do the same thing; dodge/take cover, shoot at them/hit glowing weak points and repeat. That's not exactly encouraging or varying to me.

I know there will be changes to gameplay as you go through, I mean there were controllable Robots and turrets just in the demo, but the question for me is "is it enough" to break from repetitive.

zatrox2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I disagree. Shooters can feel very different depending on the situations you're on, boss differences and enemy variations.

You won't be using the same tactic for a smaller enemy with a bigger enemy that throws missiles at you, nor you will be using the same weapons.

Play the challenge mode Demo, and see the enemy variation there. You aren't doing the same crap over and over again.

Uncharted did this on level design. For it to not become so repetitive despite having a laughably small variation of weapons at your disposal, they opted for giving you these different stages all over the game, and thus, it didn't get boring at all.


God of War? CoD? Killzone?

I think that's only your opinion. I couldn't care less about the story in these games.

creatchee2830d ago

There are two things that do not REQUIRE a story: shooters and porn. You certainly can have a story in either of them, but that isn't the point of the experience.

N4g_null2829d ago

Seriously video game stories have always sucked. Yes I've played uncharted, and heavy rain. A great story reaches people in games they are only reasons to play or excuses.

No one played tetris for the story, pacman or Mario. Quake arena had no story.

Actualy really the only stories I like in games are the ones attached to great game play.

I'm really wonder what's in your comic book collection or on your book or movie shelf if gaming stories are the reason you play.

I think some of you confuse story with imagination. The player makes the story.

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UNCyrus2830d ago

tomorrow can't come soon enough. Thanks Shinji Mikami

MegaMohsi2830d ago

but truth be told i'll probably be putting most of my hours in fallout new vegas, probably wait for a price drop on this.

jc485732830d ago

have fun and hopefully you do get this game in the end.

MegaMohsi2830d ago

definitely will and hopefully they consider making a pc version sometime down the road, although I doubt it.

AllroundGamer2830d ago

it's an ok game (i finished the game this weekend), sadly the upgrade system sux which takes some of the motivation away... but since it's so short...

Neckbear2830d ago

And have to tell you that the game expects you to play by their rules.

Basically, they prevented the upgrade system to be much else than weapons because it could break the game.

How fast would someone beat the game if they had unlimited A.R.S.? It would totally break the scoreboards.

While I agree there's a little of dissapointment because you cannot upgrade the A.R.S. and have to save Bullets to upgrade your weapons, think about it.

Giving you weapon upgrades and A.R.S. upgrades would break the game.

Also, replay that shit, man.

AllroundGamer2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

well i just wanted to start a second playthrough and i found out, that i can't transfer the weapon upgrades with which i finished the game first time... (you know like a classic continue, but instead in Vanquish if you press Continue in the menu even if you have finished the game, it will repeatedly load the last checkpoint at the ending :DD just really bad decisions were made here) there goes the replayability... also why would any game want you not to shoot from a weapon so you could upgrade it? (the upgrades aren't so great either) I never said anything about unlimited A.R.S., if the developers would take some more time polishing the upgrade system, it would have at least some nice RPG elements (you know like adding some new parts to the weapons, new moves etc.) The gameplay is fun, but it just isn't enough to justify a full price for this game, maybe next time...


well there are also some train riding-shooting scenes in it, but it really felt the same :) personally i think it's like a shallow low budget shooter, but i hope they will make a sequel with more variety in it.

despair2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )


thats one thing I always loved about Ratchet and Clank games, you upgrade the weapons you you use the most the fastest, also sucks that you cant carry over weapon upgrades to a new playthrough but it makes sense in the context of high scores for the leaderboards if you are overpowered on level 1. I mean most shooters don't do that anyway so its not that big a deal.

The biggest problem is that from all the gameplay I've seen it looks like it doesn't change much except for the set pieces; shoot these guys, go there, shoot more guys, kill a boss with glowing weak points and repeat.

Even a generic shooter like COD MW2 short SP had variety in the different levels with vehicle stages and a few other things to change up the format.

deafwing2829d ago

seriously ... we're getting spoiled. I never remember this being an issue with a shooter (you just shoot things, that's it, no upgrades) ... why the tears?