F1 2010 Patch Details

Helios (Ian Webster), one of the Community Managers for Codemasters has just posted an update for the upcoming F1 2010 patch. It appears the team is hard at work to address numerous issues currently plaguing the game. Helios is quick to point out that the list below is merely “a snap shot of the key improvements.”

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Jake3602899d ago

About time. No mention of AI fuel and the wet weather updates are vague...

SynGamer2899d ago

Helios mentioned at the end of the post that the list was merely "a snap shot of the key improvements." I take that to mean there are more tweaks and improvements in the patch.

aaron58292899d ago

I was at valencia, started with intermediates.. surprisingly, the AI was pretty slow in the wets.. moved up to 4th, until final lap, i ran out of fuel.. slow and painfully losing positions.. ended up dead last .. and no, i did not use "Fast" Throttle map...


steve30x2899d ago

Immagine what DX11 will look like on the consoles. After all us PC gamers are stuck with DX9. (I am being sarcastic again lol)

iamgoatman2899d ago

I'm eagerly awaiting this patch, because the game is nothing short of broken at the moment. I've only got to Spain in career mode but I've had to spot playing altogether because of the AI simply not pitting in the majority of the races. I think I've only seen 1 race in which everyone pitted, which is pretty ridiculous, not to mention the AI's other bizarre behavior, like the "catch up" effect the devs claimed isn't there, but clearly is in some form. Also tyre and fuel wear seem to be non existent with the AI.

I'm also hope they fix the crappy performance as well. I average around 30-45FPS during a race, be it rain or shine, and that's with an E8400 @ 3.8Ghz and an ATI 5850 @ 980/1200. Checking both CPU and GPU usage shows that my CPU usage never goes higher than 70%, and GPU no higher than 40%, which is just rubbish really. I've actually read people with Nvidia 8XXX series cards outperforming me!

steve30x2899d ago

Im getting 103FPS with the game @ 1680 x 1050 and everything at max. I have an intel Core i5 760 @ 3.9ghz , 4GB DDR3 1333mhz ram , Asus Maximus Gene and 2x GTX470.

iamgoatman2899d ago

You are running 2 470's though, and one is roughly equal in performance to my 5850. But 103FPS still sounds low for that set up, what kind of performance did you have in Dirt 2 in DX9?

ProjectVulcan2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

The engine is quite well multithreaded. Core i7 (quad) and a lone 8800GT manages 40FPS 1680 x 1050 max settings 4 x MSAA. Your GPU is rather mismatched with only a core 2 duo.

Time to go quad.

SynGamer2899d ago

The new patch should improve multi-core support, specifically;

"4. Optimisations – We have made better use of multi-core processors in general, which will lead to better framerates on higher end machines.

5. Additional Support - Support for SandyBridge processors, which also adds support for currently available 'modern' processors, like Core i7, which wasn't correctly detected previously."

ProjectVulcan2899d ago

Im due a new GPU in the next couple months, either a radeon 6970 or a GTX580.

However even with venerable old 8800GT SLI, 70FPS+ is no problem 1920 x 1080 maximal settings 4 x AA vsync off. Rarely drops below 60 frames with vsync enabled, on a full race day with a lot of rain, part of the track with a lot of geometry and a whole bunch of cars in front of me (doesnt happen too often heh) kicking up stuff i still never seen worse than 40 frames a second. Even then it wont last more than a couple seconds.

iamgoatman2899d ago

The problem isn't my core 2 duo, many people have reported similar frame rates even with high end quads in SLI and Crossfire setups, theres a couple of threads on the official codemasters forums that outline the problem. Besides, I average around 75FPS in Dirt 2 in DX9, and although F1 has more cars on track, there is definitely some performance issues. At the moment the game barely seems to make use of my dual core, showing around 70% usage on both cores during a race, but with Dirt 2, both cores are nearly always fully in use, which could either a bug that's hopefully easy to fix, or just really poor optimization.

I plan on coughing up for a new CPU early next year when AMD and Intel release their new processor lines, but my duo has been fine for the majority of my games, only being a bottleneck when the game was specifically coded with quads in mind, which still isn't all that many.