IGN: inFamous 2: Upping the Voltage

Comic book heroes and videogames go hand in hand, so it's surprising that you can count the number of truly standout examples on just one of them. Sucker Punch's first inFamous is most definitely in that exclusive group and it's looking like its sequel is all set to join it; transporting the action to a thinly-veiled clone of New Orleans, inFamous 2 looks like it has retained a version of the free-form action of the original that's been heavily refined, and it's retaining much more besides thanks to a vocal response to Sucker Punch's new vision for its lead Cole.

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fedex6822862d ago

The first one was/is a gem!

despair2862d ago

i know right, finally started my evil playthrough and even though its a year and a half later its still so much fun to play.

gta_manic2862d ago

The first game was great but was just missing a little something that Infamous 2 will hopefully(and looks like) deliver.

frankymv2862d ago

Bottom line,

This game will be superb.

Cerberus21252862d ago

I'll give you credit and count your comment as a bad grammar.and I will rephrase it as,This Game should be superb.LOL.

Fullmetalevolust2862d ago

I couldn't get enough of the first one, I wish they had added DLC 'cause I would've been glad to pay for it. Sure some missions were chores, like destroying those beeping tracking devices on buildings (whatever they were), but I also enjoyed getting rid of all the bad guys and clearing out the maps.
I simply cannot wait for this sequel. I'm completely immersed in Cole's world.

Cerberus21252862d ago

I wish it had DLC too,while I don't support DLC for games,I think that DLC for inFamous would had been one I could not resist.

gypsygib2862d ago

Infamous 1 was definitely one of my favs this gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.