Call of Duty Black Ops: Awesome Knife Kill and Sniper Gameplay Footage

This Call of Duty Black ops video shows a great knife kill and some sniper gameplay footage.

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Organization XII2950d ago

Not awesome enough to throw out 70$ for some MW2 upgrade..

deadreckoning6662950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

I think differently. Black Ops will be my first COD game and it looks way better than MW2 and could potentially be more entertaining than COD4. I'm tired of the dumbasses on this site who downplay COD for being unrealistic.

NEWSFLASH: It's a videogame. And Treyarch NEVER promised to make the most realistic FPS out there.

"MW2 doesn't get downplayed for being unrealistic.It gets downplayed for being too noob friendly"

Its called accessibility. The game is meant to be FUN for everyone regardless of skill. Millions upon millions of people love the formula.

SuperbVillain2950d ago

MW2 doesn't get downplayed for being unrealistic.It gets downplayed for being too noob friendly

ddurand12950d ago

its not intended to be a war simulator. I think some people dont understand this fact.

JeffGUNZ2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

EXACTLY. It's just the case of people wanting to look cool because they think rebelling against something that is popular is cool. It's not. COD is tons of fun. Sure, MW2 has its flaws and irritations and I am so happy BO as seen this and removed the things that plagued MW2. COD is meant to be a fun game that everyone can get into.

Also, how is it "noob-friendly"? I have never had a friend first play this game and do well. My buddy is new to the COD franchise and MW2 was his first. He blew chunks for monnths until he started getting the hang of it. Still, he isn't nearly as good as I am since I have been playing COD for years prior.

Yes, MW2 had terrible exploits, like commando, 1887's, dangerclose + one man army. Those things have been removed and fixed. They took out stopping power which removes a useless perk. The perks are balanced for the places they are in, to make it more balanced. This game looks incredible yet people still comment that they are tired of it. You know what, I am tired of seeing the same peopel write the same comment in every COD post. If you don't like this game, then why the hell are you even looking at COD articles? Makes no sense to me. I don't plan on buying Fable III, therefore I never look at the Fable III articles.

People think it's cool to hate this game, yet these are the same people who will be outside gamestop midnight to pick it up.

EDIT: Thanks ddurand1.

-Alpha2950d ago

I can understand calling MW2 "noob-friendly" but I assure you that there is a division of talent based on tactics, skills, teamwork, etc.

Use all the noobtubes and commando you want on me. Once I figure out your routine my team and I will break you, I promise you that common sense teamwork always prevails in ANY game.

I'm tired of the COD hate too. It's not a war simulator, it's not meant to be 100% realistic. It's a fun game, I like it, therefore I will buy it.

Black Ops seems to fix a LOT of the problems in MW2. If you've been following the game you will see that there is a lot fixed and tuned for balance. I trust that this will be the best one since CoD4 which IMO was the best shooter I've played this gen

TengkuAmir102949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

I really hate people on this site who trolls in every COD article available saying things like "Oooo...the Models are overpowered...shotguns can't shoot from unrealistic..."...Shotgun s are known to shoot long distances. You can even shoot a length of a football field. "Oooo..I hate this game..'nade launchers are so gay". Grenade launchers are available in the army, and just because you haven't reached the level in which you can unlock it yet, and people are starting to kill you a lot with it, doesn't make it gay. "Ooooo...MW2 are so full of campers". Half Life, Counter Strike, Halo, which FPS game doesn't have campers? "Ooooo...The game is so takes no skill". So you think playing a game takes actual skill? You're wrong. It's a game, you don't even have to move your butt to play it. Unbalanced? Like how? Every game is supposed to be unbalanced, the better players will 95% of the time, win against noob players like yourself. "So, you noobs are going to pay 60$ for a few upgrades of the last game?". Typical hater. F**K YOU. "I sold MW2 5 days after I finished the campaign". No one cares.

PinkFunk2949d ago

I hope I don't come out as a "hater", I loved CoD4 and clocked in probably around 100 hours. I've personally lost interest because of the same formula, but I certainly don't deny other people the pleasure of enjoying it. I do think that it's not very fair to charge full price for basically a mod, utilizing the same engine. Less work was put into the making of the game, which is why they can release version after version, hence the word "milking" which has been attributed to the franchise.

That being said, I still think it's a hella fun game. I just wanted them to release more maps for CoD4 and I would have been a very happy bunny. :)

Hideo_Kojima2949d ago


What makes you think you know more about Cod than the people who have been playing Cod 4, Cod WaW and Cod MW2 when you say you haven't played any of them?

Call of duty game are good but if been playing them for 3 years it gets tiring and the similarities and the fact the games release every single year does make it a bit boring.

I will be skipping on Black Ops and move to games like Resistance 3 Killzone 3 Medal of Honor GT5 Infamous 2 list goes on.

There are so many games coming out that you are bound to find another game you will want more than Cod especially when you have been playing Cod every other day for 3 years.

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TheLastGuardian2950d ago

I'm really hyped for this game. This is my F*cking song. New Call Of Duty: Black Ops Rap.

Paralex2950d ago

The game is $60, thank you very much.

TheLastGuardian2950d ago

I'm getting the Hardended Edition for $75 on Amazon.

troncoparati2949d ago

This is one of a few games that's worth the admission fee. How many games do you play for more than a 100 hrs???

Surt2949d ago

To count. I sold my mw2 after one week.

TengkuAmir102949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

I played the multiplayer portion of MW2 for 470 hours before stopping. I got bored of it in February and that was when I completely retired from Modern Warfare 2 but I didn't trade it in though, it's gold.


We know you're lying

aGameDeveloper2949d ago

Every Elder Scrolls game
Every Total War game
Every Civilization game
Many RPGs

4Sh0w2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

I will never understand all the hate for this game, sure it has it problems but pound for pound its just awesome, everybody I know just loves playing this game. Hopefully I never become so full of myself that I think I know better than millions of people whats best for them. I'd rather just be a gamer who knows what I like and lets people enjoy what they like.

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DORMIN2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Activision Publishing, Inc.."


Sorry for the lash out, but I would like to see this =/

sealion882950d ago

now we know where everyones gonna camp in that map

ddurand12950d ago

then it should be easy to kill them, no?

iHEARTboobs2950d ago

And I wouldn't call it camping if it's a Sniper. Unless you want them running around quick-scoping.

jahcure2950d ago

i was hoping they'd take quick scoping off for this one...

TreMillz2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Treyarch confirmed straight of hand pro has no effect on sniper riffles.

Scary692950d ago

@ iHeartBoobs

I am so sick of people using that lame excuse "I wouldn't call it camping if it's a Sniper" if all wannabe "snipers" just stood in the same spot to snipe its camping. A real sniper would move position so they wont get killed. So when a wannabe sniper sits on the same spot he/she is CAMPING!

simplyRealistic182950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

why the Bitching, Are real life sniper limited to a small map....NOOOO, so in a game where they limit you in a map, there isnt that much good places to snipe

In real life sniper dont usually take more than 2 shots from the same spots, but they also spends hours and day on end stalking a target to get a you want them to add that tooo??

They also have to use all of these mathematical equations to adjust the sniper rifle for the distance between the targets and the wind movement for every quarter mile or so..Do you want them to add that too???

So please stop bitching because it not like there are that much open spot to snipe in a video game, MW2 tried to fix that with Sleight of hand pro and you see how that ended, people kept complaining about quick scoping and half the players would snipe,

If you are tired of getting killed by the same person from the same spot, stop going in the same direction, it pretty much common sense,

if i die the same way in the same area 2 times in a row, the next time im going another direction, So for all those who bitch about a SNIPERS camping(contradiction because snipers do camp in a place for a while before taking a shot or 2) there are always solutions,

you're just to stupid to think differently and go around

**"You're" not necessarily meaning you Scary69, but everyone including you who complain about snipers camping

AntBoogy902950d ago

Hmm. You're quite an idiot. I don't care if you bitch about camping with other guns, but if you complain about snipers camping out? You're an idiot lol . . they have a SNIPER RIFLE. They have the right to sit it out while the other soldiers are running into battle.

iHEARTboobs2950d ago

Someone is obviously always getting owned by snipers.


TengkuAmir102949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )


You're a BIG idiot. Snipers don't move in real life. Infinity Ward gets blamed for all the flaws MW2 had but I don't blame em. What's wrong with the game was the fu$king community! So, when I quickscope and kill you, you get mad but when I sit at one place and camp, you also get mad. Typical. When you suck at the game, you suck. Stop playing it then.

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Elvfam5112950d ago

Dude this player didn't even zoom in all the way for some kills and got'em nice

ddurand12950d ago

this is old footage from an article that was posted 2 days ago.

GamerSciz2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

But you forgot, it's sub85 who does this all the time. and sub85. Both should be banned.

This was his first article posted a long time ago. He posts nothing but articles. 90% are either flame bait or rehashed. We should seriously just get this site banned and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

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