New Catherine video (opening)

Atlus released a new video for Catherine.

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Cloudberry2857d ago

Now all I need is the game-play videos.

Hope it would turned out good.

Redempteur2857d ago

did i just see NORIO WAKAMOTO ??

ok this game is gonna be epic ...

Cloudberry2857d ago

The in-game graphic looks great.

The rap music is also great, but it feels kinda strange for Japanese rap music in English setting background (?), I think...

Overall, great as expected.

MisterNiwa2857d ago

Lol, you must be new to the Persona Franchise. The game is based in japan then they add another culture to it and let Shoji Meguro (Composer) do the magic with his fantastic soundtrack.

Most songs in the Persona franchise are a hybrid of english and japanese sung by japanese artists from pop to rap.

Cloudberry2857d ago

While I don't know if Catherine's based in Japan, and if it's really outside of Japan setting, I'd still say it's weird because of the language choice.

Japan's setting with English rap by Lotus Juice in P3.

And (in my assumption) Non-Japanese setting with Japanese rap.

TheGameFoxJTV2857d ago

Persona games take place in Japan. Vincent is in Persona 3: Portable, so this game by also takes place in Japan.

mcmmaster2857d ago

all we need now is to see some real gameplay footage, can't wait :D

n to the b2857d ago

some interesting WTF imagery in there. were those 'sheeple'?

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The story is too old to be commented.