Gaming's greatest comebacks

ONM: It's Kirby aganist Donkey Kong, Sonic and Mega Man for the title of gaming's greatest comeback. Who will win?

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gumgum992708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I think Sonic fits the bill best simply because his reputation has been battered the hardest. Unlike Kirby, Sonic has been much of a punching bag for the gaming press compared to others on the list, and as such, has always been seen as unlikely to ever do a good Sonic again, let alone in 3D.

Sonic Colors changes all that. Not only is it wide recieved critically, but also within its fanbase as well; shattering the Sonic Cycle as if it never were. Kirby is more of a "long time, no see" sort of thing. Sure, its been a while, and its awesome to see him back, but it just doesn't scream "comeback" to me when he still released good stuff on DS in recent years.

So yeah, Sonic deserves the title more than most on the list there. I'm not sure about Mega Man's status but I'm sure he deserves it too(although his reputation seems to have been better than Sonic's up til now).