Game Kudos Starcraft II Review

Game Kudos' Edward Zhao reviews Starcraft II. He says that the game plays great, but that it's no "revolution." Is that necessarily a bad thing when the original was so good?

"Starcraft II is an expertly polished and amazingly addictive game, but its core tenets were established over a decade ago. It should be lauded for a lovingly crafted campaign and fairly extensive multiplayer options, but it feels like deja vu."

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Colossal_Red2777d ago

As an on-off PC gamer, I have never taking a liking to Starcraft despite being a huge WOW, Warcraft and Diablo fan.

fungmi2777d ago

I've played Starcraft 2 but must admit it's kinda old school, does nothing new like Supreme Commander, Sins of Solar Empire or Company Heros in view. Though what it does do is very polished.

gamekudos2777d ago

I would agree with these comments but there is a large Star Craft Pro Gaming industry to consider. A bit of hard one for Blizzard.

IaMs122777d ago

thats not necessarily a bad thing either...

moe842777d ago

Imo, the game is fine. I just want Blizz to patch the game so you can earn achievements while offline. When B.Net is down, take away multi player... not single player