Halo 3 faceplates and skins for your 360

Getting tired of your plain white (or black) Xbox 360 and feel like it's time to give it a makeover? In comes GameShark to your rescue with officially licensed Halo 3 faceplate / console skin bundles in three different Halo'licious designs. Each design pack is made up of one faceplate and two easy to put on (and remove) skins for the sides of your 360 which retail for $29.99 with free shipping. The three designs include the Master Chief inspired Brown Vehicles skin, the Grunty Orange Culprit skin and our favorite purple and pink Covenant skin.

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BaMYouRDeaD3950d ago

That's not bad for 30 dollars. A faceplate alone is 20. I'll probably get the Master Chief one.

Lakuspakus3950d ago

If i'm ever gonna get a faceplate, it's gonna be a Bioshock facelpate. They are ZEXY!

ShiftyLookingCow3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

but they are limited :-( and see ebay they sell for >$40, I would love to see Mr Bubbles on my 360. I might settle for Master Chief Faceplate and Skin, good deal.

Gamer luv3950d ago


Face plates are cool but i also think there should be more skins for the hole console available, that way you could customize the whole console differently, like miz and match, front Bioshock, left side Gears, right side Halo 3, Possibilites are endless, also should be able to do with controllers, head sets, some people would like it, some people will think it just a way to rake in the cash, but hey, thats why we have consoles in the first place.

Tone3950d ago

they are pretty cool.. does anyone know where i can get an official black faceplate?

i just got an Elite on Friday and my mate pulled the faceplate off to see what was behind it and slighty damaged it :( (small crack next to the usb flap) ... i was not impressed! he got a crack to the jaw for his troubles.

BloodySinner3950d ago

Faceplates are so damn expensive. It's just a piece of plastic. Why charge $20? Items like those should be less than $5. Seriously...

Bnet3433950d ago

Microsoft knows people will buy them, so why not put them out. It's not only them, Nintendo does this too. Wii Zapper is a piece of plastic, only cost $20. DS stylus cost like 25 cents to make, they sell them for $5. Thanks how you make money, don't be some stupid. I would never buy a faceplate, so that's why I don't.

Covenant3950d ago

This Halo whore will buy them. Owned.

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