Kinect to launch in US with 17 games, 19 titles planned for EU launch

VG247: Microsoft has announced Kinect’s US launch line-up, which consists of 17 titles, and has just announced the European line-up

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LordMarius2740d ago

so many fitness games... why?

hoops2740d ago

Because they are going after the Wii crwod and soccer moms. With these titles, Kinect is going to sell huge.
For hardcore gamers, there is not one game worth getting at this point, but that's what MS had planned all along. Kinect is directed towards the Wii demographic

alb18992740d ago

because kinect is the only motion control that can do like it should be so is dance games.

number472740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

So Microsoft changes the definition of "exclusive" to 2 or more devices. And now "Launch Games" mean coming out months later. I give up, MS has won this generation when it comes to hype/sales.

Now can Nintendo & Sony continue just making good hardware & games? Xbox fans need their own site to celebrate marketing campaigns, the rest of us can sit around n4g talking about gaming news.


Hideo_Kojima2740d ago

It even calls fitness programs games and Kinect "something that has never been seen before"

Xi2740d ago

In reality a game that comes out for PC, ps3, 360, but not wii is still exclusive.

Think about it like a club, an exclusive club that allows both members and guests of members is still exclusive, even though more then 1 type of person is going to it.

JokesOnYou2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

lol, look at the headline, I could be wrong but usually if a headline starts with the word kinect, its almost certainly not going to be about your favorite ps3 game. I know its confusing for you so I don't blame you for getting so upset because you keep accidentally finding yourself on every kinect thread, which interestingly also causes you to pound on your keyboard and enlighten us all with your important words of wisdom.

OK, sure thanks, just remember to look for key indicators next time, it will save you alot of frustration, considering the fact that you don't have to read news about kinect. nag, seriously its true theres alot of news on this site but the beauty of it all is you don't have to read every thread. Im personally interested to see whats coming for kinect in the future and how well the launch games will appeal to casuals....oh look luckily I guess I chose the right thread. psst, I'm not bragging but it was my 1st try too, just sayin'.


niceguywii602740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Need a tissue? I have one for all of you and the ones not in here yet.


There there it will be alright PS3 will still be here tomorrow ;)

It's just downright entertaining to see so many PS3 fans so worried about Kinec,t they seem to be giving Kinect more attention then the people buying it on day one. Every Kinect article has more PS3 fans in them. LMAO

I can't help but laugh at the way PS3 fans have taken this so personally but now I sort of feel sorry a group of teenage and adult men would behave in such a way(spending 24/7 on n4g running smear campaigns like children on the playground)

number472740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

yes, dying of laughter at the fact you guys are happy MS is selling a webcam that barely works to unknowing masses & spending more on an advertising campaign than gaming & hardware quality.

CBaoth2740d ago the Justin Beiber & Ryan Seacrest Kinect article.

LordMarius2740d ago

This guy really needs help

Sheikh Yerbouti2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Three dance titles, three sports titles, and five, five frickin' fitness titles.

One could actually guess the PS3 is the last bastion of good gaming. The Kinect has too many "Sports" titles to not expect shovelware, but I can say the same to a lesser degree for the Move. The fitness titles are too many too; likely to have some of those titles on the Move *sigh*. Shovelware is shovelware.

This is more like core vs. casual than PS3 vs. 360 or Move vs. Kinect. I'm thankful that I have some hardcore games for Move.

Blackpool2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

u always commenting stfu ur a 14 year old bitch

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Knushwood Butt2740d ago

Half a billion dollars worth of shovel ware, it would seem.

visualb2739d ago

so many fitness games, won't be getting it, I'm fit as it is with a program already.

I want my console for VIDEOGAMES, not work outs.

bright side - lots of fanboys will get fit =3

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GoldPS32740d ago

Yep and people don't exercise during the winter.

Sheikh Yerbouti2740d ago

New Years is the time for gym memberships.

gamingdroid2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Tell that to Wii Fit!

Whom by the way, alone outsold any exclusive (one platform excluding PC) "hardcore" game I know of! It sold 22+ million!

Heck it even outsells most multi-platform games!!!

leonlion2740d ago

"Be warned: “launch portfolio” doesn’t mean “day one”. Expect clarification on this soon."

So does it launch with these games or not?

Dnied2740d ago

How many games have "sports" in the title?? lol

Honestly, I dont get how some of the people on this site can defend this when even the legit xbox owners/gamers on nelsons blog are ripping it up..

I do hope they think of something interesting for core gamers, I'm not against kinect.. I think it would be pretty cool for interface control but that isn't enough to convince me to buy it.. and that lineup is just.. wow..

alb18992740d ago

Some people like to try new things.....i just see it interesting dance central and after i buy P90X i see real feature in kinect for exercise like p90x.

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